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An Middling Mech Game 0

*Note: I wrote this review four years ago. When I found it I did a second play though but generally agreed with my original opinion and only slightly edited it.Front Mission Evolved is a departure from the tile based RPG the series is known for. Evolved plays entirely from the third person as a shooter in both mech and on-foot action. Overall the game is an average fun to play shooter with flaws. The first play-through is enjoyable but short. There are bugs throughout but only one game-stopper t...

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Destiny feels like an amazing incomplete framework 0

Destiny has taken some time for me to review because of the duality of my experience. On the one hand it has a disjointed story and a hollow single player experience. On the other hand I have spent well over 50 hours captivated by the incredible art design, music, atmosphere, and loot grinding, and I still want to play. Your guardian starts as one of three classes with a designated subclass that can be changed to an additional unlocked subclass. The classes and subclasses shape your speed, defen...

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