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2009 Christmas List

Also included: 
New acoustic guitar 
4000 Microsoft points

List items

  • Kmart had the Xbox 360 version on sale for $39.99. Seems like a pretty good deal for so much game play (about 120 hours, I hear).

  • Jeff's review sold me. I was going to buy this until every single person that I go to school with convinced me to buy MW2.

  • I've never owned a Sims game, but this one is apparently the best and I'm interested.

  • Umm, cool.

  • The art style intrigues me and I enjoyed the quick look. However, I'll be picking this one up for my 360.

  • Rented this. This is definitely the best wrestling game since WWF No Mercy (which will probably never be overtaken). The story creator pretty much gives this hours upon hours of replayability.

  • I bought this back in 2007 (while I was still using Windows ME lmao) and couldn't run it. Now that I'm on Windows VIsta, I really want to dive into this game.