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2010 In Games . . . Here's What I'm Excited For:

Before I'm chastised, I'd just like to mention that I haven't played Mass Effect yet, and I'm holding out on ME2 until I play the first. 
Otherwise, here's my list:

List items

  • I've recently accepted the fact that Fallout 3 had surpassed both SOCOM: US Navy Seals and Banjo Kazooie as my favorite game of all time.

    A lot of people are saying, "Yo! Dis ain't no Bethesda game, it be Obsidian, yo!" and mean it as a negative comment. From the interviews I've read, it doesn't sound like they will be changing much of the game play.

    As @bwooduhs said: " I want Fallout 3 in Vegas with less bugs. "

  • It's freaking Fable III. Need I say more?

  • The success of Natal could very well determine the length of the current video game generation.

    I wonder how Natal will handle achievements . . .

  • One thing that I have always wanted but never gotten (until Modern Warfare 2) was a modern or near future war game that took place in the U.S. and not some random Middle Eastern country (Azerbaijan anyone?)

  • This game will be my first venture into multi-disk gaming.

    From the article in August's Game Informer, this game sounds pretty sweet.

    And all the people criticizing it as being Fallout-ish just makes me even more intrigued. (See top of list)

  • Go ahead and sigh, but Green Day is one of my favorite bands (pre-American Idiot, mind you). As long as this game features a good number of songs (more than the 45 offered in TB:RB) and features some from the EP days, this game will keep me entertained for a good time.

  • I'd been anxious for this game for the last 2 years.

    As the first football game (or any sports game, I believe) to use the Euphoria engine in place of pre-recorded animations, this game should offer an extremely unique experience unlike any other game.

    Sadly, I fear that this game won't get enough attention or advertising to become a main competitor in the sports game market.

  • If you haven't heard about or seen footage of this game, you should really check it out. Reactive weather cycles, cinematic gameplay, unique storyline, artistic brilliance.

  • I just want a chance to win some of those dollar bills that Matt Rorie spoke about in the PAX '09 Bombcast. haha