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My little brother's Christmas list

When he was 6, I let him play my GTA: San Andreas. 
A week or two later, I discovered that he was playing SOCOM: US Navy Seals on my PS2 while I wasn't home. 
4 years later, he takes my copy of Call of Duty: World At War a week after I buy it, and I rarely see it again. 
A month later, he gives me $200 to buy a new Xbox 360 while mine is being reparied (RROD) on the condition that he gets to keep it afterwards. 
And now, his Christmas list has gone from Tonka Trunks and GI Joes to almost exclusively video games. 
Hopefully he gets all of these except Modern Warfare 2. If he doesn't get MW2, then I can bribe him with MW2 to let me borrow his games.

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