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A great start to a new generation of skateboarding games. 0

I think its time for a new skateboarding game. The last other skateboarding game apart from the TH series was simpsons skateboarding which i would rather not talk about.... So Ea bring out this game called skate. (No prizes for guessing what genre it is....) Skate brings a new set of controls called Flickit. This is the main feature of the game that sets it aside from TH. Basically you use both anologue sticks to do tricks, the left anologue controls the person and the right anologue for the boa...

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If you like Rock music you WILL love this. 0

Guitar hero. Whenever someone says the name you think of one, a button smashing rythm game or two, Jimi Hendrix.Anyway Guitar hero 3 is basically the same as the previous 2 besides of the Smashing new soundtrack, a few extra character/Venues and the inclusion of Online play. Firstly the soundtrack, It has music from the 1960's - 2007. There's Iron maiden, Metallica, Killers, Sex pistols, Guns 'n' roses, Muse and Red hot chili's to name a very few. With over 70+ songs and some free songs off xbox...

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