VR in the 1990's.

With the new (second or third?) wave of virtual reality headsets just a couple of days away I stumbled across some usenet references to the 1996 book "Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook", which I've sadly not managed to find a physical copy of, but I did find a pretty interesting blog by Sean Clark from 2014 where he built a homebrew VR interface using the components and software that homebrewers in the mid 90's would've used - shutter glasses, a Nintendo Power Glove, a MS-DOS 6.22 PC and the stereoscopic display software REND386. The blog is available here.

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Starbreeze and Josef Fares announce Brothers: A Tale of two Sons

Having been a fan of Starbreeze since their demoscene days, and at least being interested in Josef Fares' works (most of his movies weren't exactly for me, but that was a matter of taste rather than them lacking in quality), I found their recently announced project pretty interesting. They haven't released much details about it yet, though on the 27th of September they at least announced the title and a teaser trailer, which implies something in the vein of Ico.

I guess we may get some in-depth news on Giant Bomb later, though they don't cover these kinds of games much.

I do know Josef Fares has a genuine interest in games, down to a pretty mechanical and academic level, as he was co-host of a gaming radio show on Swedish national public radio, and well, Starbreeze haven't released a single bad game as far as I know, even though Syndicate would've needed a lot of post-release support, which it didn't get. Hard to tell if that's EA's or Starbreeze's fault though.

Anyway, it's getting published by 505 Games, which do have a spotty track record, but not a publisher I associate with executive meddling, and it is to be released in spring 2013. I'm pretty interested in how it'll turn out. The official game site: http://www.brothersthegame.com/