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2020 is almost over and I think the only 2020 release I played was the C&C remaster.

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  • Hexen as a roguelite! Pretty rad!

  • If we'll allow people to put GTA 5 or The Last of Us in this year's GOTY lists, surely we could also allow the updated re-release of one of the most interesting Doom engine games. It's not quite Hexen, but does some really fascinating stuff within the confines of the already in 1996 dated game engine. Night Dive Studios' Veteran Edition released on Steam in 2014 also updates the visuals in some impressive ways, and features Steamworks multiplayer, reportedly with Steam Workshop support coming down the line.

  • I was really surprised by how much I liked this one, considering I really didn't like Borderlands 2.

  • While it technically was released in 2007, it's first in 2014 available on a platform I can use.

    A cool 2D RTS, somewhat in the vein of Westwood's Tiberian Sun or Activision's Dark Reign.

  • 2.5D roguelite FPS. Got plenty of issues. Inconsistent art style and not all that interesting randomly generated level designs. But it's got heart.

  • Online deathmatch Terminal Velocity!

  • I guess technically the import version I play came out in 2013, but it's not really out here until later in 2014. An actual, turn based, roguelike isn't something I expected to find in the Vita library.

  • I've barely played this, but I need a tenth game on the list, and I did enjoy the hour or so I spent with it. It's pretty much Descent, but with less intuitive controls and art. But, hey, we don't get a lot of 6DOF FPSes these days.