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2020 is almost over and I think the only 2020 release I played was the C&C remaster.

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Lost online games I got to experience before they were shut down.

Online only games (like MMORPG's or multiplayer shooters) sometimes are closed down. These are the games I got to experience before they were lost in time, like tears in rain.

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  • Wasn't a particularly fun or well made game, still it's kind of sad never to be able to play it again, even though I only logged in once every 9 months or so.

  • MAG was an enjoyable large scale FPS. I'll miss it (I never even got to try one of the three factions), even though we've got stuff like Planetside 2 that do many of the same things.

  • Played it on PS2, where it was available for several years after the Xbox and 360 versions had been shutdown. Even after the closure of Gamespy's services in 2014 it remained online for a couple of months, but has since been shut down.

  • Not too surprised this was shut down, as I have a hard time imagining anybody stuck around with the downright offensive free to play model in this game.

  • That EA made this game online only is pretty sad, since there was a single player campaign, which was fairly enjoyable. I barely managed to get halfway through before the servers were shut down.

  • Didn't end up playing it much before it was shut down in 2016.

  • The free to play mechanics were rough, and the controls felt a little off, but it ended up being a pretty good replacement for MAG for a while there.

  • While it's not officially been shut down, the official servers haven't been working for months, and the community have finally given up on their own server hosting solution.

  • Didn't get to play much of it as it didn't run well on the PC I had when the game was first launched into early access. By the time I got a PC capable of running it, it had just been shut down.

  • Spent quite a while with this on both PC and PS3, both before and after it went free to play (vastly preferred the original retail version though)

  • Didn't like this rerelease at all, but gave it a shot at least. Both it and the original got shut down at the same time in April 2021.