My STAR TREK games!

Star Trek is a franchise I adore, and something I kinda want to get all the games based on, despite the bad reputation for the majority of them.

Here's a list of the games I've acquired so far.

List items

  • Raven's 2001 FPS, both PC and PS2. (Still want to get Ritual's sequel)

  • Multiple copies, as the free subscription time stacked. And the game had become really cheap by then. A rather enjoyable MMO, though it had that free to play to-advance-you-need-to-do-the-microtransaction-thing vibe even before it went free to play.

  • PC. What I've heard it's a terrible port of a game that wasn't all that great to begin with. Haven't tried it yet.

  • PC. I don't actually remember how this was received. Probably not great.

  • Unreal engine powered third person shooter for PC. Pretty atmospheric, but the choice of perspective wasn't the best, considering the limitations of the early Unreal engine.

  • PS2. An even more simplified version of Legacy, pretty much just a dual-stick shooter in 2.5D, with an extremely limited Z-plane.

  • PS2. Have yet to play this. Conceptually it sounded pretty interesting, some kind of 4X game where the battle is the arcade fighter thing from Encounters/Legacy, doesn't sound like they managed to pull off the execution part.

  • PC