Actual Funny Video Games

Comedy in games is notoriously difficult, I want to highlight games that I think do it right.

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  • Something about Undertale's humor clicks with me. It's extremely hard for me to describe but Toby Fox's writing is so tight and well-executed. Even random enemy encounters have some phenomenal writing attached to them, and unlike many comedic games; this one can also make you cry!

  • I wouldn't say Saints Row The Third has smart humor. Parts of it haven't necessarily aged well but there is a level of earnestness and full committal to "the bit" that makes Saints Row The Third super endearing to this day. The revelation of the Mayor is quite possibly the hardest I've laughed at a game.

  • Later Alligator is rarely laugh out loud funny but is bursting at the seams with charm and wit. It's the type of funny you more often smile and shake your head at and that is an extremely delicate line to balance.

    Gets an insane amount of mileage by putting Alligator before things. Alligator Long Island will never not make me chuckle.

  • A classic for a reason, Day of the Tentacle continues to this day to be almost effortlessly funny and infectiously lighthearted.

  • If you ask me this is peak LucasArts Adventure games. Incredibly witty albeit a bit corny by modern standards. So many iconic characters and iconic lines, I knew about Monkey Island jokes well before I ever even knew what the game was. It has permeated gaming culture for a reason.

  • If my memory serves me, I played most of this game in one night while eating a meatball sub. It has a special place in my heart.

  • Telltale's first season of Sam and Max is the first adventure game I remember adoring. The game logic is absolutely insane but the game revels in its own insanity. Not to mention no other game documents the great Dakotan Civil War like this one.

  • I adore metal and all the ridiculousness around it, and Brutal Legend has a perfect balance of both lampshading and revering the silliness Metal culture entails. Best censored swears in games.

  • Genuinely don't know how a large collection of non-sequitors can be so... good.

  • Far Cry is a far cry from being funny nowadays, but Rex Power Colt is a real ass motherfucker.