Some of my all time favorite games. In order from favorite to least favorite. Keep in mind even my least favorite game on this list is still loved by me, as well as every other game. 

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  • Republic Commando is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite game of all time. This game doesn't necessarily have the best story, but it makes up for it with fun gameplay and unequalled character interactment. Not to say the story is bad or anything, but it's story wouldn't compare with something like Mass Effects', for example. But honestly, the banter that these four clones have between one another is unparalleled in any other game. The amount of witty and hilarious jokes that these guys throw out made me play the game over and over just to see what else they would say. This game's story is also enhanced by a great book series by Karen Traviss that shows you more of what happens in these guys interesting lives. If it were ever announced that this game were to recieve a sequel, it would easily be one of the happiest days of my pathetic life.

  • This game is a masterpiece. Bioware took the great story from the prequel and added great gameplay to make one of my favorite games ever.

  • The first RPG that I have played and really loved. Hmm, maybe the word love doesn't describe my affection for this game. I guess a better word would be fuck..... this game is awesome. Its a very solid game. Any true gamer must play this game before they die.

  • I could not decide between Halo:CE and Halo 2 for this spot. Both are excellent games, but for different reasons. Halo:CE has one of the best single player experiences on the Xbox, but Halo 2 is my favorite competitive multiplayer game of all time.

  • Why, oh, why was your campaign not as good as your predecessors'? Oh well, your excellent multiplayer easily makes up for it.

  • Yeah, yeah, It's not an elegant, or well respected game to play, but I have racked up more hours playing this game than my top 5 games combined. (I've spent a shit ton of hours playing my top 5 games).

  • My favorite story ever in a video game. Everything about this game works. Excellent and memorable characters, fascinating story that really makes you think, and an excellent soundtrack. If this games' combat were more fluid it would easily be my favorite game of all time.

  • Great Campaign. Spent hours playing it. Great Multiplayer. Spent MONTHS playing it.

  • A game I've just played recently. I dislike most games Rockstar puts out (I'm looking at you GTA4!), but this game is FUCKING AWESOME. What happens when you combine great gameplay, interesting characters, and a good story? You get a freakin' awesome video game.

  • Bioware, I love you. You guys put out games that give me mindgasms, and this just happens to be one of those games. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Easily one of the best multiplayer experiences on the 360.

  • I spent so much time playing this game. I've played it through at least 10 times. For the sake of convienience I won't list all of the Pokemon RPGs, just know that I love em' all and I've fuckin' caught em' all.

  • One of the first video games I ever played, I was around the age of six when I came across this game, I do believe. This game is the one reason I am a gamer, and consequently, it remains my favorite Final Fantasty game.

  • Dude, its Oblivion, I've dumped so many hours into this game. But alas, you can only do the Dark Brotherhood questline so many times before it starts to get old.

  • One of my most played game of the last-gen. I would come home from school and play this game for hours every day. I loved the conquest mode, being able to fight on different planets and in space was awesome.

  • By far my favorite RTS. I can thank T for getting me into this game and playing it with me all the time. Fuck yeah, DoTA!!!

  • This game opened me up to the RTS genre, and remains of the few RTS games I've really enjoyed.

  • My favorite game on the N64. One of the few flying combat games I've ever enjoyed.

  • This game perfects the concepts the first game introduced. It came together to be one of the best games I've played, and one of the most memorable as well.

  • This game had some great concepts, but failed to execute many of them. Regardless, I still really love this game.

  • I was skeptical about this game at first, but once I had played it I instantly loved it. The great cell shaded art style lends itself excellently to the vibrant and comical world that Gearbox attempted - and succeeded in creating. I also love the loot and gunplay found in this game. In short, this game could be described as "Diablo with guns," but I think its deeper than that. This game is raving fun to play, especially with a posse of friends at your side.

  • The most original game I have ever played. You won't see the concepts used in this game anywhere else. Unfortunately, this game has zero replay value due to the fact that once you know the puzzles there is no reason to do them again, and it's very short. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a much longer Portal 2.

  • Takes the basic formula for the first person shooter and does it in a bit of a different way with vehicles and destructible environments and it turned out great. In my opinion it's one of the best competitive first-person shooters available right now.

  • While this is certainly a great game, I personally didn't like it as much as the first Modern Warfare.

  • You don't even know how many times I took the picture of that FUCKING Magicarp trying to get it to evolve into a Gyarados, before I realized you had to do something else to get it to evolve. I remember being so happy when I did it, and you know what? I don't even remember what I had to do to get it to happen... Nonetheless, this was an insanely fun game, and I still find myself wondering why the fuck Nintendo never made a sequel for this game on the Wii. Do they know how many Pokemon fans would have a wet dream after hearing of that announcement?

  • This is the first Mario game that I ever played that I could call hard. I remember some of the encounters in this game being a bitch, this is a Mario shootoff that manages to be great without being a platformer.

  • My favorite game on the PS2 and also my favorite platformer. The combat and puzzles in the Ratchet and Clank series are some of the best experiences I've had in gaming.

  • Ahh, Mario 64. The bridging point for three-dimensional gaming. I remember this being one of the first 3D games I ever played, and when I say 3D I don't mean the 3D with those retarded glasses, I mean three-dimensional characters and environments. This game holds a spot on my list purely for the nostalgia factor. I don't remember neccessarily thinking "this is the greatest game ever," while playing it. But, this game definately is beloved by many gamers and Mario fans alike.

  • Its Fallout 3, nuff' said. How many games let you go into an advanced targeting mode with a shotgun and let you blow your enemies head off in a fabulously fantastic cloud of gore and blood?

  • I'm probably one of the few people who prefer Fable 2 to the first. I loved the amount of options you had to customize your character. Being the big role-player I am, I found It hilarious having ten wives, then being able to gather them all up in the town square and hack them all to death with an axe. Yes, I am a sick, perverted bastard.

  • I hopped on the Halo 3 hype train as It drove into the side of a mountain. This game is nowhere near bad, but I found it to be nowhere near as good as the first or second game in the series. Though, I did love the addition of theater mode and forge.

  • The memories I have of coming home from school and playing this game with neighborhood friends are still fresh in my mind. This best cart racer EVA!

  • This game was massively underrated. I had great times playing this game online. It was like Counter-Strike, but with magic, MAGIC. I mean c'mon you can't beat that.

  • This game's story sucks! It doesn't have a story! What it does have however, is drop in co-op action that is insanely fun. It was great fun to climb to the tob of a huge building with a friend, just to kick him off and shoot his falling body with a rocket (Yes, you Chris).

  • "YOU HAVE STARTLED THE WITCH!!!" I saw this message pop up a good amount of times. Though, most of my witch startling was done simply for the lulz. This game offers a good amount of "for the lulz" moments, and that is what makes it awesome.

  • I used to go to my friend's house and play this game. We would get into massive "cheese" chases, due to our "mowing the lawn," or, driving on the sidewalk mowing down all of the pedestrians under the front bumper of the speeding vehicle. We used to come up with all sorts of crazy names for our wacky shenanigans. One day my mom found out I was going to my friend's house and playing this violent game, she banned me from ever playing it again. Needless to say, I still went back to his house everyday and played it.