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In one othe the lates podcasts, Vinny talks about an item that he picked up, and that you could use, but then had to go back and collect again to use later, or something. It was a small point of critique they had about that game. Does anyone know which item that is?

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I'm gonna say gameplay. In my opinion, there are better media than games for telling a story. Not that there aren't games with good stories, just that storytelling wil most likely always be done better in a book or movie.

And to provoce a little more, I actually can't see how anyone can say that story is more important than gameplay in a game. Gameplay is, after all, what games does that books and movies don't. And gameplay is always connected with input and/or feedback, and as such you can't have (good) gameplay without the two. Therefore I would say that gameplay always comes first, since if the controls and feedback are bad, the story won't matter, since you won't play the game.

In my oppinion :-)

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Hey guys.

I'm making a small multiplayer game at my school, and I'm looking for inspiration. I'm part of a team of 3, and we have 15 weeks to develop the game (in Unity), but I need some inspiration for awesome multiplayer games! So I'm hoping some of you have tried some small, perhaps indie, multiplayer games that you think are awesome! It doesn't matter if it's local multiplayer, internet og even splitscreen, just hit me with your best recommendations!

Thanks in advance!

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I finished the game, and only got 1 part of the mask - does something special happen if you get all the parts?

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I finally fixed it, messed around with the graphics settings. I'm not sure what fixed it', but I'm suspecting turning on the Exclusive Fullscreen did it. Try that.

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Just started up the game, New Game, black screen, sound is playing and Lara is talking, I can see the subtitles, but no image. I'm on an 5700-series AMD card, and running without tesselation, special hair or Exclusive Fullscreen. Help!

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@Humanity said:

I just got done with the last episode and I'm really torn. I was really lukewarm on a lot of this game. There were some highs, mostly Chapter 3 and 4 but most of it seemed a little long winded. The last episode was my favorite thus far and the last scene between Clementine and Lee was actually really touching. At the same time I thought they really wasted such a moment. That scene should have had more swelling music and something more to it. The series overall has a ton of plotholes but maybe just some overview how she gets out of the city would have been good. I mean, 5 adults barely made it to her across a few blocks. The way it ends into silence and then the title pops had me a little on edge like "what? thats it???" I hoped and preyed there would be something after the credits. The credits was also another disconnect since I told her to get to a boat and the other guys were supposed to be waiting for her. I suppose go to the fields is the cannon choice and you're supposed to fill in the details yourself on how she got there.

I can see how some have put this on their GOTY lists. The ending is really powerful and I think a lot of us that chose to cut the arm off knew it wouldn't do any good but were secretly hoping maybe it did. When I realized that Lee was looking more and more pale as time went on I knew he was turning but at the same time I kept hoping that maybe it's just the blood loss. Yet the powerful ending doesn't erase some of the weaker part of the entire series. What it has done is gotten me on-board to buy the next episode the second it appears.

i agree on the music in the ending part. I was devestated, and crying a little when it ended, and it would have been good with some powerfull music as the black screen came, instead of just sounds of zombies. Apart from that, i didn't notice "a ton of plotholes" exactly. Also, i also went "huh" when just seing Clem walking in a field, and not to the train. Maybe a little explenation would have been fitting there.

EDIT: btw, did someone else catch what must have been a Star Wars easter egg? Lee talking to Molly about borrowing her hatchet, they more or less have a conversation straight from Han Solo and Lando about Lando borrowing the Falcon along the lines of "she won't get a scratch"

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@CptBedlam: No, sure, not another shooter, but just something that's fun to look at!

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@CptBedlam said:

Eff... don't know how I feel about this. There are not many things more boring in this world than watching someone playing an mmo. When Jeff played Star Trek Online, the highlight was him flying through a donut shaped asteroid. :-/

I think the crew could focus a little more on playing something that's fun to watch, even though it can be hard. Ryan once played what must have been Call of Duty MW or something, where he kept dying, and crashing helecopters full of teammates into the enemy. I laughed the whole time watching. I wish they would do more like that.

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It says on the frontpage that it's PSO 2 TNT. So, guess that's settled.