Dark Souls - A lesson in staying spoiler free.

I recently finished Dragon Age Inquisition and was at a lose as to what to play, the wife had the TV in the lounge so the Xbox One was out, there was nothing I fancied on PC....and I saw that Dark Souls Limited Edition still sealed staring me in the face.

So with trepidation I decided now was the time. I also recently bought an Elgato for Extra Life streaming which I hadn't tested with my PS3 so I thought why not hopefully so one would pop along and help me out. Thankfully 5 people were in there helping me and it was a massive help.

At this point I should rewind and explain what I knew about Dark Souls;

  • It's unforgiving, people say it's ridiculously hard but
  • Your not told what to do per say and you struggle...also that perhaps the game didn't have the best english.
  • It's slower paced than most usual "action" game.
  • When you die you lose progress (as souls) but then you can do something at camp fires.

That's about it really so not a whole lot else. I went in with much slow poking. Had a moment pretty early on where there was a ledge and I couldn't tell if I was going to die when I dropped off....I was delighted to find a plain where there were 4/5 chests.

My best moment was beating a boss. This came after around 3 and half hours and a lot of dying both here. I also witnessed what I'd call Souls Rage, where you are in such a rush to get your lost souls back that you end up rushing and just die as a result of not playing diligently enough. So I shook off went and got a diet pepsi (still containing aspartame thank god!) sat back down and finally beat that boss. You can watch it here (apologies for the video quality);

Some would call it skill, I'd say I was very lucky. I screwed up the falling attack and was lucky that I didn't get landed on. I'd say the camera really is a huge part of what makes these encounters hard. Now to me that's not acceptable in terms of well it's a Souls games, you'd like to think that they have worked on this for Dark Souls 2 and Bloodbourne (of course I'm staying spoiler free from those so I have no idea) This amazing boss encounter was only surpassed by my excitement at finding a short cut. I had no idea that such a feature was in there. I had assumed progression was maintained by finding new bonfires and exploring new areas but instead it's a case of finding shortcuts and then finding new routes and manipulating your way around.

I finished playing not long after this boss (well after around 5 hours) of little to no progress, beating a boar is the last meaningful thing I remember doing. I know I've barely scratched the surface and cannot wait to get cracking.

So yeah I'm going to stream some more stuff. You can join me over at twitch.tv/flameboy84