Favourite Games of the Half-Year (Part 2)

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Continuing from my last blog post I will be discussing my favourite games of the past half-year of 2010. 

In Second Place...


Like GTA... but better.
Like GTA... but better.
When I first heard that Rockstar was developing a new game outside of the Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt franchise and I became excited. However, the more I began to learn about Red Dead Redemption the more I began to loose interest. I had never been a major fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and I still have trouble getting into Grand Theft Auto IV and what I gathered from the news, interviews and other sources of information that I viewed, I dismissed Red Dead Redemption as Grand Theft Auto set in The Wild West. 
  Now, after buying and playing the game a considerable amount, I can say that I was mostly wrong. 
Red Dead Redemption is still Grand Theft Auto at heart in terms of gameplay mechanics and the way that its open-world is structured. However, it expands upon these elements in a way that made it accessible to me and allowed me to become fully immersed in a world that I knew little about. Also, John Marston is far more likeable than any of the Grand Theft Auto protagonists (including Niko Bellic.)     

As I played more and more of Red Dead Redemption the more I came to appreciate how much work Rockstar had put into it. Whether it was the characters, the missions that I undertook or the sheer brilliance of the visuals, Red Dead Redemption was a nice breath of fresh air and whilst it isn't my Game of the Year thus far it is definitely an honourable runner up and it would take a game of great magnitude to knock it from the top spot. 

And In First Place...


      It gives me a Mass Erect.
      It gives me a Mass Erect.
That's right folks. 
Mass Effect 2. 
So far, this game has been the most enjoyable, most memorable and most satisfying experience I have had this year.  
For a more in-depth look into my opinion towards Mass Effect 2 check out my review
And that'll pretty much do it for this half-year of 2010. 
I'll be writing a Game of the Year blog similar to the one I did last year. 
I hope you all enjoyed reading!