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Bulletstorm is a dickload of fun. 1

During the past few years the FPS market has been dominated by one juggernaut franchise, Call of Duty. Ever since Infinity Ward released Call of Duty 4 back in 2007, the franchise has grown to be the biggest selling entertainment franchise of all time and widely acclaimed by players and critics worldwide. This lightning in a bottle that is Call of Duty’s success has been sought after by many a developer, some outright attempting to emulate it in their own games. People Can Fly however have no in...

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(Not Very) Alone in the (Not Quite So) Dark 2

When I first heard that Alone in the Dark was getting a sequel I got a little giddy inside. My first experience of the Alone in the Dark franchise was Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, which I recently re-completed. Whilst I knew that the game was nowhere near as good as its predecessors, and was actually closer to Resident Evil than its actual roots, I still enjoyed it and it holds a special place of nostalgia in my gaming history. So I purchased Alone in the Dark on the day of its release ...

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Borderlands is Borderline amazing. 0

Borderlands is the most unique game that I've played this year in terms of gameplay mechanics and visual style, it's certainly different compared to most major releases this year. Initially I didn't know what to think of Borderlands and didn't expect much of it which is why I didn't purchase it on the its day of release. After sinking around 20+ hours into the game I found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the experience.Borderlands takes place on the desert planet of Pandora and opens wit...

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Brutal Legend is clever, funny, and seriously badass. 4

Headbangers unite! Grab your battle axe and guitar and prepare for some serious, face melting rockin'!The very moment you insert Brutal Legend into your console, you'll notice that Brutal Legend is pretty clever in both its design and writing. After a humorous opening from Jack Black, we are presented with the menu, in the form of a vinyl record. Scrolling through the menu, was actually really enjoyable, as the presentation was so unique and great to look at. I think, this is the first time I've...

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ODST is a short albeit enjoyable experience. 0

Halo 3: ODST takes place during the ending events of Halo 2 and the beginning of Halo 3. The Covenant have found Earth and are landing in the South African city of New Mombasa. Instead of reprising your old role as the Master Chief you play as an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) and are known as 'The Rookie.' You also have a squad comprising of five other ODSTs. We are first introduced to the squad as they are preparing to drop down in to New Mombasa, and sooner than you would expect you are in...

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You'd be insane not to enroll at Arkham Asylum 0

NOTE: I used an Xbox 360 pad to play Batman: Arkham Asylum.There have been many Batman games over the past few years which have tried to capture the essence of the comic book hero, but none have captured it quite like Arkham Asylum, not by a long stretch. Make no mistake; if you want to play a game that truly honours the Batman source material, you need to play Arkham Asylum.The game starts off with Batman apprehending The Joker and returning him to Arkham Asylum, you first gain control of Batma...

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Left 4 Dead will leave you "Grabbin' Pills!" 1

Left 4 Dead is a shooter from Valve, which was originally being developed by Turtle Rock Studios. It places the player in post-apocalyptic zombie environment, the player and their three companions must navigate their way through the level to the safe house. While on the way to the safe house they must try to survive both the zombie drones and special infected such as The Boomer. The game comes with four campaigns each spanning with four levels, each campaign lasts around an hour to two hours, de...

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