Soundtrack Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

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 Can we make it official? After the deluge of Scott Pilgrim soundtracks, I think it's safe to call 8-Bit video game music an actual instrument. What's more is that the film and especially its music, revels in it, from the Universal theme, to remixes. It's everywhere. All of this is of course personified in this video game soundtrack with is rife with the music. Composed by Anamanaguchi is 46 minutes of nothing but pure 80s video game throwback music. 8-Bit music with added rock guitars for pure musical value. Only problem is that it's kind of a gimmick. And a very long one at that.

Essentially, for me at least, the joke wears off, much like its songs do, after 10 minutes. Then it's like, okay, this was nice and creative, oh wait, we have 35 more minutes? Oh bother... Maybe it's that it just works better for me in short bursts, but it all starts blending together in some nerdy mish-mash that becomes one. If you grew up on the stuff, then you'll probably love and cherish this soundtrack. For the rest of us, or at least me, it's just a little bit much. Another problem is the songs themselves, or specifically, their length and how they go out. Most of the time, you're just listening to the song, and then it fades away, signaling that that's all the song there is, then it just gets repeated for the purposes of the level. It's kind of awkward. And considering it happens some 24 times, it's also kind of annoying.

Overall, as an EP, I would probably cherish this. As/is however, it's just a bit... Much. Some will love it, others will hate it, some will like it, but wish they could have loved it. I fall into the latter category, but it's still well worth a listen for its originality. 
3/5 Stars