Nvidia push PC gaming graphics to compete with next gen consoles

Two months ago Nvidia announced they had formed a partnership with Ubisoft to push enhanced versions of their next gen titles to PC. The deal is rumored to be worth 5 million and whilst it benefits Nvidia to guarantee full SLI support as well as high end Nvidia developed features like TXAA

A few days ago people noticed the appearance of this page giving some fairly high minimum system requirements for Call Of Duty Ghosts, 6GB of RAM, a DX11 graphics card and a 64 bit OS. Normally we have to take these with a grain of salt, wildly inaccurate placeholder or estimated minimum specs have appeared for games before but in this case it's backed up by this recent page for Watch Dogs from Ubisoft that also asks for 6GB of RAM, a DX11 graphics card and a 64 bit OS.

The spec increase is quite a large jump from what most games were asking just last year but it's backed up by the Steam hardware survey. 44% have 6GB or more of RAM, 62.79% are DX11 and 79% have a 64 bit version of Windows.