Characters Who Make Me Laugh

So I wanted to make some kind of unique list that wasn't just a collection or a wish list, but I couldn't think of anything. After a while I figured why not dudes in games who have made me laugh out loud? There don't seem to be that many out there, so I'm going to give this some thought.

List items

  • Easily one of my favourites. Just his voice alone seems to make me laugh. Highlights include raking a pile of leaves exclaiming "I'm lookin' for mah contact lens!".

  • Come on, how could I not have her in here? GLaDOS easily has some of the best written dialogue in games today.

  • With the utterance of "There's gold in them thar hills!" and a daft dance-like run into the distance, Haggard quickly became one of my favourite characters for his silliness and ability to make me chuckle.

  • I've never been particularly well versed on the Banjo universe, until I got a hold of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Mumbo had me chuckling pretty often with some well written lines. Though pretty much all the characters in Nuts & Bolts are quirky and funny, Mumbo definitely stood out above the crowd.

  • Brucie's 'roid raging ways were pretty hysterical from the get go and the level of comedy stayed strong throughout the game.

  • Roman's sleazy ways had me laughing from the first step in GTA IV.

  • I had to have him in here. The King is a pretty zany guy, but some of the stuff he comes out with still has me chuckling.

  • Yep. Agent Francis York Morgan is a winner in my books. The fairly cruddy voiceover has a disjointed charm about it, not to mention his classy hand gestures and pointing at himself repeatedly. Oh, and Zach.

  • Issun has some pretty awesome lines in Okami. He has that sort of wise-crackin' smartass wingman personality, and it does pay off fairly often.

  • The Claptraps of Borderlands definitely deserve a mention in this list. You see me dancin'!?

  • Yep. After playing a few more recent games lately, none have cracked me up more than crazy Seth from Red Dead Redemption.

  • Nelson Tethers I feel is a very worthwhile addition to this list. Not only is he pretty funny just being Agent Tethers but his interactions with the many crazy inhabitants of Scoggins take him up another notch.

  • Zimos. Everything the guy says is autotuned. Done.

  • Creepwood, Nosehair, Thriftweed... Whatever you want to call him, Guybrush isn't just a blank slate for the player to embody in the Monkey Island series. He is genuinely a pretty funny dude, and a lot of the gags and best lines in those games are not possible without him.