Ok, so I grew up in the capitol of Suriname, Paramaribo. Don't know where that is? Here:

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Although I say capitol, it actually feels like a quaint (spelling?) village with a population of 300.000+.

Now it being a 3rd world country, we always trail behind in luxury stuff like videogames. And I was fortunate enough to have parents that could afford to go on vacation for 2 weeks a year to Miami, Florida. I would get pocket-money, which started at $25 at age 6 and was bumped up to $500 by the age of 14. 

And since I have always had a passion for videogames, guess what happened. Yup I would spend all my money by day 3, buying the newest system with a couple of games. And I'd be bored for the coming 12 days. My parents always tell everybody that story.

Now, the buzz from somebody getting the newest systems in Paramaribo would hit the streets pretty fast and we would cross town on our bikes to go see Super Mario 64 or Tekken. 

And I remember biking to my best friend's house in the afternoon, Snes my backback together with Mortal Kombat 2 and Turtles in Time fresh from the shelves in Miami. (He hated that last one)

I guess the zipper from my backpack had gone bad and my bag suddenly opened up, sending my Snes rolling down the street. I literally jumped off my bike, threw it to the side and dashed between cars after my precious machine. It rolled down for quite some distance and luckily it didn't get run over. As was I. (but I didn't care at the time)

So I reach my friend's house, hastily hookup the system and the thing works like nothing happened. No moving parts ftw.

That shit would not fly today at all. Actually my 360 red ringed on me 3 weeks ago...from heat. The Snes survived asfalt!