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Great/Influential Games I Didn't Play

I decided to create a list of games that are considered influential or just great, must-play in the industry that I have not played or at least not completed for one reason or another.

List items

  • Never got around to buying it as I was pretty busy with life at the time it came out and when I decided to buy it it was a rarity. Glad to hear they are re-releasing it on the PS3 with Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Same situation as Ico except I did buy this game and just haven't gotten around to playing it.

  • I have the game somewhere in my collection but never got around to playing it. During the N64 era I had transitioned primarily back to PC gaming.

  • I had heard so many good things and hype about this game for years but never had a PS1. Now I've heard some people reminisce how the game is far better as a memory like old 80's cartoons rather than in practice in this day in age.

  • When I bought my launch 360 this was the one game that everyone seemed to say was THE game to buy. I was tired of WWII shooters by this point from the PC but bought it anyway. I played through the tutorial and then about another 5-10 minutes of the first mission and was done. I couldn't stand it yet friends talk about how great it is to this day.

  • I loved the first two games in the series but never got around to playing the 3rd installment. Call me old-school but I was just a little put-off by the new cartoony visuals. I eventually bought a used copy at GameStop years ago but still have yet to play it.

  • I never got around to playing "The Curse of Monkey Island" much less this follow-up.

  • I purchased the season for Tales of Monkey Island at PAX 09 from the Telltale booth just to show my support but have yet to play the games. Now that I have a stand-alone video card I hope to give them a whirl despite having missed the previous two games in the Monkey Island series.

  • OK, I actually own this game and probably finished about 2/3 of the story but never got around to finishing it since I was busy with school at the time.

  • Although I didn't finish Half-Life I did finish Half-Life 2 on Xbox 360. Although, by the end of the story I felt it just dragged on and I was just going through the motions to finish the game. After completing Half-Life 2 proper I really felt no desire for "more". I vaguely remember the final events of HL2 and I'll have to give Episode 1 a try some day since I still own the Orange Box.

  • When I get around to starting and finishing Episode 1 maybe I'll have enough momentum to want to continue and play through Episode 2.

  • OK, I do own this on Xbox 360 and have at least started the game. The problem is that when I tried to start playing it I just could not stay awake. This is the first game ever to put me to sleep. It's probably the fault of the completionist in me where I had to read every single codex entry and I just felt it was so slow to start. FWIW, I made it to the Citadel but haven't left yet.

  • Need to finish ME1 first. I at least bought the CE for X360 :-)

  • Funny enough I bought and played through a portion of the game on the PS3 but got stuck shooting the asteroids (sorry, that is just a very minor spoiler). I then bought the game on the X360 on clearance since I am much more comfortable with those analog sticks but haven't gotten around to even opening it yet.

  • Bought the game and played a bunch of the multi-player. I was waiting to start the campaign until I got my Amazon Treasure map pre-order bonus but when I finally received it and it turned out to only cover the first 2 levels I was pretty peeved and never got around to continuing the game.

  • I always heard that this was a must-have game for the PS3. I picked it up for $20 but never played it. I did play the demo after buying it and was pretty unimpressed. Later I heard clarified sentiments that at the time it was the best FPS on the PS3 but not nearly the best FPS all things considered.

  • I remember the HUGE hype-wagon leading up to this games release. Post-release everyone seemed to change their story saying the games mission structure just became monotonous and repetitive. I bought the game on sale and started it but just got frustrated trying to find flags using an IGN map and not finding flags where they were indicated.

  • I hear the sequel is leaps and bounds better than the first game and some have even said to just forget even playing the first game. I bought it on sale months ago but still haven't opened it.

  • Alright, with all the hype surrounding this game, the glowing reviews, and the promise that everything was fixed from previous games and was a completely new trend-setting standard in video games I pre-ordered and bought the CE at launch. Well, I put a few hours into the game and it all felt like the same old shit to me that I had grown tired of by San Andreas and I have never played it again since. The multi-player was also waaaay over-hyped as I did not find it fun at all other than the few times we screwed around the city free-roam. I do intend to give it another try one of these days.

  • Yet another over-hyped Rockstar game. I thought I had learned my lesson with GTAIV and was standing my ground not to buy this one but friends convinced me to get it. I put more time into this one than GTAIV and acknowledge the improvements but have to say it still has plenty of flaws that turned me off. The biggest being the save system. For one the inconsistent auto-save system just enraged me with how trial-and-error some of the "moral" choices are. Sometimes the auto-save is before your decision, sometimes it auto-saves immediately after your moral guess. For instance I accidentally hit my trigger to pull my stupid lasso for a split-second on someone who took that as hostile and immediately started shooting at me and the game auto-saved right after I accidentally hit the trigger. Another time the game reverted me back to a "hidden" auto-save from the night before having me lose about 5 hours of gameplay. This all ties into the fact that the stupid manual save progresses the damn clock 6 hours often leaving me out of the time range for specific missions I was trying to save my progress before doing!