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Hey guys! I can join. I usually try to play on the weekends. I am not sure I have a favorite yet, just looking to learn all the roles.

GT: Floppy Dog

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I am not trying to come across as defending microtransactions, but the article criticizing Cliffy B wasn't very good. It uses poor arguments that make little sense. That said, microtransactions in full retail priced games kinda blows.

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@patrickklepek The editorial concerning kickstarter was interesting but I find the rebuttal much more enlightening. It sheds light on the willful ignorance of many kickstarter backers. I am still uncomfortable with the sudden popularity following Double Fine's success (there is a growing bubble that is going to burst at some point) but it is an interesting response.

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Penny Arcade posted a fantastic rebuttal to that Buzzfeed article.


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@TheVeteran13 said:

I'm usually able to beat Call of Duty games on veteran difficulty but I quit Black Ops on the second or third level, which ever one you blew the missile up in and had the bunker and infinitely respawning enemies running down narrow hallways, fuck that level.

Completely agree. I used to beat every COD campaign on Veteran. When I hit that section, after HOURS AND HOURS, I lowered the difficulty and never looked back. You win this round, Black Ops.

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@leebmx: He wasn't trying to make it seem like men are victims in society overall. Somebody much earlier had said that women should be the sole judges of what is racist and he disagreed. He was asked to provide examples of times when men were ever on the wrong wrong end of sexual discrimination. It wasn't some men's rights post.

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@Nettacki: I am not just talking about this. He writes a variety of other articles such as his recently posted one about the development on Zombiu. He writes about a variety of topics and I appreciate the stories he covers. Hell, I think 'Worth Reading' has become one of the best features on the site.

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@Neon25 said:

@bko said:

@jimmyfenix said:

I really like these articles alot! , in my opinion the artcles such as 1reasonwhy and the dead island statue dont really fit with the core giantbomb audience , i know you feel strongly about these things patrick but in my opinion it just doesnt fit

No one cares. Start your own website if you want to be protected from stories that require a little maturity.

Stories from a man that is proud of the fact he smuggles beers into cinemas like an asshole and makes sure to mention it on every possible occasion.

So instead of trying to have a civil discussion, you attack the man and not the position? I know it is easy to do that in the heat of the moment but.....don't do that. It just perpetuates angry feelings and doesn't move the discussion forward.

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There is such a ridiculous anti-Patrick faction in the GB community that is kinda insane. So many people who are jumping on him about his praise RocketGirl are participating in the one upsmanship that exists too often in the internet. Everybody is dying to be right. Patrick brings a very unique perspective to GB that is very rare in video game journalism. In fact, I think he is one of the few people in video game reporting that tries to do any level of journalism and I hope he continues.

Now, I do think Patrick is a bit wrong about saying RocketGirl is ok because it is fun in a ridiculous way. As came up in many Far Cry 3 talks, when you use heavily used tropes to parody those same heavily used tropes is your product in danger you in danger of just being those same rote tropes once again? That was the criticism laid at the feet of the Far Cry 3 writer when he attempted to defend his game and I think that it again fits here. Just watching the RocketGirl trailer made me feel uncomfortable.

The bust is wrong. Plain and simple. When I first saw it, I thought it was extremely gross. Just the idea of anybody wanting to own a torso with no head and limbs made me a bit queasy. Only afterward did I realize how silly of a product it was with it perfect boobs, tiny waist, all in a bikini. It is a sexist product but outside of that sexism, it is still abhorrent. There shouldn't be any debate on that.

Patrick, I love your "worth reading" articles. I hope you never stop writing them.

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A lot of video game "genres" have pretty dumb names as they are often unclear but "character action" has been a pretty established thing since the early 00's. This whole thread is kinda confusing to me. I thought "character action" was a well known enough term that people who post on a video game message board would know what it means.