Anticipating 2014

2014 is poised to deliver some great games. Here are my top anticipated games of 2014.

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  • In terms of pure anticipation, it's hard to beat a game that is able to instil such dread in me. Dark Souls is a game meant to be crept into, shield up, unknowing of what monster is around the next corner. I can't get enough of it.

    I might cry if Smough and Ornstein make an appearance in the sequel.

  • I'm not going to kid anyone and pretend like I'm not chained to the bottom of the WoW swimming pool. I'll be leveling my warlock the moment the servers swap from Big Mac to Egg McMuffin. God help me stay hygienic.

    For a veteran player like myself, expansion packs always offer months of fresh, addictive content. The demo on the show floor of BlizzCon had beautiful environments, steeped in the lore I'm familiar with from the Warcraft RTS games. Fighting orcs and ogres is that classic Warcraft feel that the game has taken a break from for some time. I can't wait to hit the first raid instances with my guild.

  • Delayed and delayed and delayed, I'm holding out hope that it's because they're committed to making a fantastic game. I love the direct attention given by Matt and Trey. They clearly want the game to be special. The preview coverage makes it look great. I can't wait to play it.

  • It seems I was in a minority by enjoying my time with Dragon Age 2. I understand how people disliked the repetitive environments. Compared to the game before it, it clearly underdelivered in that regard. Apparently unlike most however, I appreciated how much DA2 improved on the combat system. On high difficulty, combat had a ton of strategy that made dungeon crawling a blast. There are no other games that give me this style of combat, and I love it for it.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition looks like an apology game to all the people who hated DA2. Everything people scrutinized and complained about is being addressed. The game world is promised to be staggeringly enormous. As someone who didn't hate DA2, I could easily see DA:I being my GotY.

  • I was raised on adventure games. I jumped at the opportunity to kickstart this. It's hard not to anticipate this being a pure pleasure to play.

  • Reaper of Souls' "Loot 2.0" feature seems to promise fixing what ruined Diablo 3 for me: never finding upgrades. Loot will intelligently know what class you're playing and drop gear with the proper stats. If Blizzard properly balances legendary loot drops, so that it truly feels like my next amazing upgrade could drop just around the corner, Diablo 3 might finally be great.

    or they might make the good loot too rare, and I'll just lose interest again.

  • From the studio that brought me the fantastic Deus Ex reboot, Eidos Montreal aims to make lightning strike twice with this Thief reboot. Sneaking around and shooting dudes in the head with arrows is rarely not a good time.

  • Ubisoft's stock is skyrocketing with me lately. I adored Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. The preview coverage for Watch Dogs has been amazing (who can forget E3 2012?), and I have no reason to believe that Ubisoft is going to fumble this launch.

  • While never GotY calibur, previous inFamous games have always been a good time. A new protagonist with fire-themed powers, combined with the graphical horsepower of the PS4, makes this something I'll undoubtedly enjoy.

  • This might be the year I relent and buy a Wii U. Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island, and Donkey Kong in 2014 seems like a solid lineup, plus the games I skipped from 2013. A price cut on the hardware would probably go a long way too.

  • It's hard to be a gamer without getting caught up in the zeitgeist around the Metal Gear Solid series. Each of these games is released as if Kojima is some kind of game design god. I have my doubts if I'm really going to like MGSV, but it's hard to say I'm not anticipating it.

  • Hey, I own an Xbox One! This is supposed to be Microsoft's ace in the hole, right? Everyone who has had hands-on time with the game have done nothing but glow about the game. I'm not much of a dude bro multiplayer shooter guy, but I'm willing to try this.