Anticipating 2015

A look forward towards the games that have me salivating up against the glass.

List items

  • Nothing builds anticipation more than a sequel to a masterpiece.

  • A new, true, full Metal Gear game. No pussying around, you have to play through these things when they come out. The real question is, will it get delayed into 2016?

  • I will buy the next expansion to StarCraft 2. I will thoroughly enjoy it. Bears will continue to shit in the woods. Water will continue to be wet.

  • The trailers they've released for this game are pee-my-pants amazing. I loved Arkham Asylum and City, but it looks like Rocksteady is going to achieve video game developer saiyanhood with this title.

  • Of course this is going to be great. Just, obviously going to be great. I can't wait to shoot more people in the face with that bow.

  • While I'm pretty terrible at fighting games, Mortal Kombat has always held a place close to my gamer heart. I don't know if NetherRealm can top the nostalgia trip of MK9 (a love letter of a video game if there ever was one), but I'm totally on board to experience the uncharted waters they'll explore in MKX.

  • I hope Naughty Dog learned a thing or two from Uncharted 3, which I thought was a step backwards for the franchise. These games are stunning to play through, but the endless combat sequences in 3 pooped on the fun. It creates poor pacing, and the body count you accumulate is strangely immersion breaking in its otherwise realistic setting. If they learned from their missteps, then it's easy to believe that Uncharted 4 could be a GotY favorite.

  • Have to see how this adventure game ends in Part 2, right? Part 1 was pretty charming. I'm not expecting a lot, but I'm definitely playing it.

  • Judging from the hype people have heaped on this game in the past, I'm expecting the remastered version to essentially be Adventure Game Valhalla.

  • As a big Dark Souls fan, I'm clearly highly interested in seeing how Bloodborne turns out. This game takes a different direction, but will it retain the elements of Dark Souls that makes that series so satisfying to play?

  • The E3 reveal for this looked great. Here's to hoping that Ubisoft gives this the attention it needs to be a great tactical shooter, and not be fucking broken like half the games Ubisoft released in 2014.

  • If every other game in the Assassin's Creed series is terrible, then Victory should be fantastic (because Unity was a train wreck!). Sign me up.

  • Will this be the Witcher title that convinces me to completely play through The Witcher?! I doubt it, but, hey, I'm sure the gaming media will convince me to buy this anyway.

  • Clearly going to play through this whenever it drops, but I can't place it higher on the list when I so thoroughly don't believe it will make a stateside appearance in 2015.

  • This can't possibly launch in 2015, right?

  • Fuck you, The Last Guardian. I'm not canceling my Amazon preorder that I've had standing since 2010. You will come out one day.