CEO 2015 (June 26-28, live from Orlando, Florida!) Preview PLUS more June tournaments & Fighting Game news!

We may be only a month away from EVO 2015, but that's no excuse to sleep on its biggest rival, Community Effort Orlando, CEO 2015!

CEO 2015 Preview

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CEO Jebailey on Twitter

CEO Gaming on Twitter

In truth CEO isn't a "rival" as such to EVO, a given FGC event doesn't tout achievements in comparison with one another but to itself, not unlike Ryu really.

And CEO has had a lot of success year on year to celebrate since its 1st event in 2010, breaking entrants/attendees and live-stream viewer-ship records alike, and CEO number 6 should be no different. The boxing/wrestling ring (depending on who Jebailey rents from on a given year) returns, both Street Fighter V (for the 1st time in the USA) and Tekken 7 will be playable!

Let's take a look at the games and entrants shall we?

Guilty Gear XRD115
Killer Instinct85$15,000 bonus*
MKX289$10,000 bonus**
Persona 4AU53
Smash Melee466
Smash Wii U512
Tekken Tag 251
USFIV377$15,000 bonus***
  1. Courtesy of the KI community fund drive which took 100% of money from sales during the time period specified to go to Combo Breaker, CEO and EVO prize money
  2. Courtesy of sales from the "Blue Steel" Sub-Zero costume
  3. A portion of $500,000, courtesy of CEO's premier tournament status as part of the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour

Stand up and take a bow Smash community! They get their own room for CEO, well deserved. It's a pity Nintendo isn't handing out any money to its players, especially when the MKX and KI tournaments have a lot less entrants for this event. Marvel is still hanging on (relatively) as it dwarves a lot of the other games as much as it itself is dwarfed by MKX, USFIV & the Smash games

Schedule and streams

Streamer Channels
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Other June majors

Before CEO, East Coast Throwdown (June 13-14) and South East Asia Major (June 19-21) happened, they were great events, I've removed the preview stuff for those events as this blog is big enough as it is!


Street Fighter V details!

A pre-E3 event was held for Street Fighter V and articles and videos are going up everywhere! And then E3 happened and Birdie and Cammy were announced and a Giant Bomb Unfinished went up, videos!

Ryu (Street Fighter) & Roy (Fire Emblem) confirmed as Smash Bros. Wii U DLC

Rumours have persisted via supposed leaks for the past few months that Ryu and Roy would feature as DLC characters in Smash Wii U and now we have some victory videos of their appearances.

While it's probably safe to assume that this Ryu will be a combination of his USFIV (there's definitely a focus attack in that 9 second video) & UMvC3 version you might want to check out Nintendo's pre-E3 Smash Bros. briefing just to be sure.

Capcom Pro Tour USFIV Rule Change

FGCers brought up a good point on Twitter last week. If a Capcom Pro Tour Premier event's top 4 was full of people already qualified for December's Capcom Cup, and keeping in mind that as fighting game tournaments 90% of the time are double elimination bracket style (meaning there's a joint top 5, a joint 7 etc.) who gets that event's Capcom Cup spot?

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Well it turns out neither of the joint top 5 get that spot, instead that spot goes to another person on from the leaderboard (which consists of players who've gained the most seeding points from doing well in tournaments), making the ratio swap from 16:15 to 15:16

16->15 Premier Events Qualifiers

15->16 Leaderboard Qualifiers

1 Previous Year’s Champion

You might have heard that PS4 USFIV is not doing very well

Work has begun on patching the broken mess that is PS4 USFIV (some of it has been patched out thankfully), but CEO and EVO are solving a problem with maximum efficiently by declaring they will use the 360 version for their USFIV tournaments, here are some of my favourite glitches and problems.

Yatagarasu lives up to adding FGC commentators in-game

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In case you forgot about this game or are seeing it for the first time, check out the indiegogo campaign that got the ball rolling, James Chen and Maximilian will also feature in the game. Ultradavid looks just like one of the Persona 3/4 characters from Arena/Arena Ultimax, does this mean he's anime now?

I love Killer Instinct's Shadow Mode

Killer Instinct's Shadow Mode is not just a great concept, it is surrounded by useful tools and ways to play against friends. if you're a Giant Bomb premium member check out Jeff and Jason trying it out on the Unprofessional Fridays: 05/29/2015!

Tekken 7's Kazumi Mishima with a true Tiger Uppercut

I get she can transform cause she's got devil powers but I've no idea why she can summon tigers, I don't care, it's awesome!

Thanks for reading and happy watching!

VGCW's End Game X was amazing! Bringing season 10 to a close. It's also the end of Bazza's time with VGCW, handing his creation over to a new person. You should totally check the archive to see such great matches as Guile defending the VGCW championship in a tables match against Sabin Rene Figaro and Dan Hibiki!