My favorite games of the 2010's

Why pick only 10 games as favorite games from the 2010's? Why not pick 25 or 26, that would be totally random.

The first 5 are in real order. 6 through 11 could be in any order in the top 11. The remainder could be in any order down there.

Update: added a new number 5: Choice of Robots. My top 10 is now a Top 11.

List items

  • My all time favorite game of the 2010's. I never have been able to get into Civ6, so Civ5 is till my favorite Civ.

  • I never though a farming game would grab me as much as this game did. I's an amazing game, and this the upcomming 2019 1.4 patch I guess I will still be playing it some years into the next decade.

  • Not as deep as Grand Prix Manager 1 en 2 from 1996/1997, but it's the best, and only game, in this dead genre. It's the game I have been hoping for someone would make since 2001's Grand Prix World.

  • The story might be mediocre, the ending kinda bad. But the gameplay, the part where you actually play the game, the most important part. It is amazing. Do not play this as a shooter, but play as a biotic or a vanguard or an engineer. Play with the powers, make sure they are on the shortest cooldowns and cause mayhem with the biotic combo's. To me , no game has ever been able to close to the feel of Mass Effect 3.

  • Not much of a game, this piece of interactive fiction. But it is simply the best of its kind. Lot's of different choices that actually mean something. Different storylines. Actual RPG-like gameplay. Well written.

  • Automation. Managent. Making a mess because I suck at planning. Love it!

  • An excelent mobile game.

  • Amazingly ridiculous. The perfect superhero game, because that is was you are playing: a superhero with superhero powers. The best Saints Row ever.

  • Fire Embled Three Houses is newer, and prettier. But Awakening has more variety and introduces me to this series. It's the only reason I bought a 3DS back in the day.

  • My top game of 2018.

  • I never really learned to play this game. I just love picking a country, firing up cheatengine to get loads of cash and see what weird stuff I can get up too.

  • The only good 3D fallout game. It looks like crap now, and you definitely can see it's made for the consoles of the time. New Vegas itself is only a couple of small blocks. But forgetting about that, and also about the crappy UI, it's a real RPG. It's fun. It's just great.

  • This is cheating a bit, because it's the game I most recently finished when thinking of this list. It's not very long, but it also does not get boring. It has no Ubisoft-like map barf. No endlessly randomly generated boring side quests. It's tight, compact and funny.

  • Buggy and weird. You only really get anything out of it if you play it multiple times to see where the story diverges and how the story reacts to your decisions.

  • Improved on Hitman in some small areas. Some nice new maps. It's just a really good Hitman. I could have put the 2016 hitman here, since to me it was such a nice surprise after Absolution. But the 2018 version is simple kind of beter.

  • Usually I don't like episodically games, I also did not started playing this until after all the episoed where released. Good indy-rock music, fun gameplay, it feels like your choices really matter.

  • Forza Motorsport 4 is the pinnacle of Forza. Never have they been able to reach the same heights as this game. I feel lucky that the Xbox One and Forza 5 where released a year later in my country then in the USA, so I could get an extra year with this game.

    The best and most diverse track selection, the best car selection. It just feels the best. Obviously I am more biased in favour of 4, because I played a ton of it with my Dad in splitscreen. Won every race against him.

  • Funny.

  • Good physics, good descruction derby feel. Good offroad racing.

  • Never played much of this game, not nearly as much as I wanted. But the best civlike game released this decade.

  • Paradox in Space! Recently, there have been some weird design decisions that made me kinda stop playing this game. But because of the fun I had up until that point, it should definitely be on this list.

  • Modern Deus Ex! The ending felt rushed though.

  • F1 games have been with me most of the decade. I think I bought almost all of them. Not sure if 2019 is best one, but in my mind it is the most complete one to date.

  • I am too stupid for Zachtronics games. And I love every single one of them. Opus Magnum though, is still easier to get into and friendlier.

  • An evolution of the first Dirt Rally. I was going to include that one instead of this one. But then I remembered, this version is the only game I remember where you can drive a Skoda Fabia. Sure, it's the R5 rally version and not the Greentech 77hp version I leased for 5 years. But still! What other game lets you drive a Fabia?