Some thoughts on the later parts of Persona 4 (spoilers)


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As I play more Persona 4 and watch the endurance run another time through, two thoughts have run through my mind. The later parts of that game (before the ending endings) put the main character and party through some pretty crazy stuff. It is pretty impressive how the game handles and delivers those things, even if you do have to slog through a pretty annoying dungeon to get there. That being said, something about those later parts has been bothering me. Never once does the main character ever contact his parents. Through everything, it is barely mentioned, except by Dojima ever once in a while and in that case usually in the past-tense. I understand why this is from the perspective of the restrictions on development and storytelling in the medium, that it probably makes the game better or in the very least does not really take away from the experience at all. That being said, from the perspective of the story it is weird. A game that telegraphs everything you are thinking never talks of missing your parents. While the game takes multiple opportunities to ask you if you miss your “city life,” but I cannot remember them asking about if you miss your family. Nanako and Dojima end up being some of the best family he could have asked for, but when they both end up in the hospital because of a deranged serial killer, leaving the main character largely on his own, wouldn’t that have warranted a call?

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