Flynn's GOTY 2016

2016 huh?

Well, at least we had video games... you know I heard that there's never been a better time to be playing 'em.

Anyways folks, here's my list! I played a butt load of games this year, here's a list of 'em, and there are still a good few games I feel bad for leaving off. Those include: Stardew Valley, Overwatch, Thumper, and Kentucky Route Zero. Nothing against these games, I just feel that I haven't spent enough time playing them and/or I haven't finished them. Also, here are some games I've recently picked up but haven't gotten around to! Superhot, Hitman, Final Fantasy XV, Owlboy, That Dragon, Cancer and Darkest Dungeon. Man, this could be a much different list... oh well!

The following list of games will be ordered from 12th to 1st, with numbers 12 and 11 being my favorite "old" games of 2016 and then proceeding to the top 10.

Hope all you cats enjoy, and cheers to 2017!

List items