Games I've Played in 2019

*Ordered by most recently played.

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  • I was drawn into this game when they added the turn-based mode. I liked it and put a ton of hours into it. A big part of that though is that the game was designed as a real-time pause, so turn-based really slows the pace down and I'm already slow to begin with! Overall, the mode worked for me and the game itself is a very solid CRPG. As a newcomer to this genre, I keep falling more and more in love with RPGs of the C variety.

  • First BR game I've gotten into. The ping system is extremely smart and innovative; it actually makes playing with randoms satisfying and not completely lonely. Respawn have managed to create a unique-feeling BR, mixing what they've established in Titanfall with a touch of hero mechanics and a ton of QOL features. That said, I haven't returned to the game since getting my first win - didn't feel compelled to return. Though, playing multiplayer games for weeks on end is not something I do anymore.

  • 1-shot demo. Excited for the full game.

    2/4 - Incredibly well designed. It finds that balance of old survival-horror with modern TPS action. Though I'm losing interest the further I get (this is the case with most games for me TBF). At this point, I'm wondering if I'll even do the second run. We'll see! And yes indeed, fuck Mr. X.

  • Playing Gamecube version on Dolphin in anticipation for RE2make(?). This is my first time trying Dolphin - that thing is cool.