6:30pm Friday near the line for the Hydra theater at the Hyatt hotel. Around 7:30pm I'll be moving into the line for the "The Improvised Postmortem" panel which runs from 8:30-9:30. Afterwards I will probably hang outside the panel for a little while as well in case you can't make it to the first meetup.


Be aware that unless you have already paid for your shirt by then, I will be attempting to sell all non-paid for shirts. I underestimated the cost of these things because I 100% did not think about the tax that I'd be charged by the vendor which is my own damn fault >,<

If we don't meet up on Friday, the only other place I can be positive I'll be is the PAX Rumble and the GB panels on Sunday. Please let me know if you've pre-paid and are unable to make any of these 3 place/times and we'll see if we can't figure something else out.

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Hey duders, it's been a while since the last time I did a Giant Bomb shirt! I've been hankering to do it again but haven't really had the time (and still kind of don't) but I thought I'd give it another go and see if I can make it happen again. I've once again gotten clearance from the powers that be to print a limited run of shirts for people who are interested and that are attending PAX West. These will as usual be only sold to people who can physically pick them up from me AT PAX WEST.


No Caption Provided

Here's where I'm at. This is pretty near final =D


I've cleared it with Rorie as I've always done in the past and everything is above board.


This is very important.


Reason for this is that the only reason I've been able to do this is because I only produce a very small quantity and very limited availability. Also, because they cannot be ordered online.... well... technically ya'll are ordering this online but you know what I mean.


I've done this a few times and so far haven't fucked it up =P

Here is the pre-order page for the PAX Prime shirt.

Here is how the PAX East shirt was made.

And here is how the PAX East shirt was distributed by me at PAX East =]

Here is the pre-order page for the PAX Prime 2015 shirt.


For now, if you are attending PAX West this year, go ahead and put your name down with the size you want. Once I get everything in order and pricing set, I'll update and pm everyone who's listed through this site with details on how much it'll be and how to pay. There will be no payments until I am positive that I can make the final design, produce the shirts, and have them shipped to me here in time to hand them out at the show. I will also be PMing ya'll with details on how to pick up from me at the show. I'll also be posting any and all updates in regards to this shirt on my Twitter.


1) zoch: XXXL

2) ScaryGaryofAk: XXL

3) rentfn: XXXL

4) XaiaX: XXL

5) dawkinspw: M

6) T1Panda: M

7) Pushtoclose: M

8) twosday: L

9) Leosol: XXL

10) takayamasama: XXXL

11) internetpizza: XXL

12) tangwich: XXL

13) discoarmada: L

14) perniciousdistortion: XL

15) ar8423: XL

16) Afterlifejosh: S

17) loonyeclipse: L

18) Washa_Endrya: 3XL

19) mattynunchucks: L

20) Ian: XXL

21) Brad: XL

22) ch1burashka: M

23) TravistyOJ: XL

24) mrfluke: L

25) Brewmaster_Andy: L

26) cpsterndog: L

27) rafar: M

28) mrasmus: XL

29) Duecenage: XXL

30) Twick: XXL

31) dprotp: M

32) perniciousdistortion: L

33) DoomInnaBox: XL

34) Pauper: XL


Holy Shit I'm Running a Kickstarter!

Hey Duders~!

I'm posting a blog to announce that 'HOLY CRAP I'M RUNNING A KICKSTARTER'!

For those of you who haven't been following me on Twitter or other places, I've been working on a game called

No Caption Provided

seeing as how if you're following me here and have found this blog, you may be into the stuff I make =P

Come take a look at what I'm doing and if it's of interest to you, help me make this game~!



I Made a Poster for Tested

I made the poster art for Tested The Show 2015 and here it is at its various stages of completion from rough draft to finished. It changed quite a bit from initial conception to final product. This was the kinda of thing where If I had more time, I could have just kept adding to it indefinitely. Adam’s workshop is amazing and just full of like a thousand things I want to draw >,<

No Caption Provided

If I get clearance to put up an actual png of the final thing sometime, I'll go ahead and put it up but as of right now, a slightly grainy gif is what I get to share =]


I drew WaDan

I had an idea for a larger poster but decided it'd take way too much of my time. So instead I just pulled out the WaDan part and drew that for fun =]

No Caption Provided

Well. Here was the original idea. I may or may not continue to dabble on this as time goes by but it's def just a side project since I'm currently swamped with work. WaDan was supposed to be hovering over a Mario level that Patrick was traversing below him. Here's sorta like, the sketch original overlayed on dan.

No Caption Provided

I was thinking the level would sorta meld into dan as it got closer to him. This is super rough and the main time consuming thing would be designing the mario level and laying it out. The art itself prolly wouldn't take all too long since it's a super simple style.


Some thoughts about that Destiny TK Raid

That raid wasn't just my first Destiny raid but also my first raid experience in any MMO style game ever. And holy shit.

Going in I was hopeful that it'd take around 3~5 hours. 5 hours being if things went sideways. What actually happened was... well... I canceled dinner plans and ended up with a headache and feeling pukey due to playing a game for the first time in over a decade. (Oculus rift gives me the spins but doesn't make me want to vomit)

Even with that being the case. That was fucking dope.

Prior to TK I'd only played vanilla Destiny and in it, only to the completion of the story. I then stopped completely till TK at which point, I played thru the story and ground a lil bit to hit 290 light so I could join the raid. I've heard a lotta gripes about Destiny and I understand them but I genuinely enjoyed everything I've played of it. Probably because I didn't play it in excess and I've never cared about gear much. The shooting feels great and the game is pretty so it did what I was looking for.

The raid was the single best team PVE experience I've ever had and the game also felt like something completely different from all the Destiny I'd played before it. The weakest part of the whole thing (besides kinda shitty loot) was definitely the platforming but I mean that it's weak relative to everything else which was amazing. The punishment for missing jumps wasn't that bad and the jumping felt perfectly fine. Maybe even good. It felt good.

There was a real adrenaline pumping, heart racing thrill to some of those boss fights that I haven't felt since I was a kid. And the thrill I felt when we beat the bosses was on a whole nother level. It was joyous. I totally get why people would be way into these things. Tho like, I would NEVER want to go into something like this blind. That's just insane and torturous. Also, I will never do it again. Since I'm pretty whatever on the loot side of the game and it's such a huge time commitment, I don't see myself ever coming back to this particular raid. Tho if there's one in Destiny Year 3... I might actually try to get some people together to check it out =]

It's late and I'm tired so I'm sure this reads like garbage. If anyone has any questions (for whatever reason) I'll be happy to answer em here. Just know that I'm a noob and I know I fucked up plenty of times. Mainly, starting events before people were ready... Sorry about that >,<

This was a goddamn blast. Destiny is super hot. But still. Fuck Oryx. I'm on.


Contradiction Beastcast Prank

Here is the story of how the Contradiction audition prank came together =D

Audio of the Prank

The Beginning

If I had to nail down how this entire thing started, I'd have to guess it was with a series of gifs. In particular prolly this one.

This tweet got a bit of traction and I was followed by both Rupert Booth (Jenks) and John Guilor (Ryan) on Twitter. Seeing this as a chance to maybe get something silly done, I contacted them both and lo and behold, Mr. Guilor responded =D

All e-mails shared with full consent~
All e-mails shared with full consent~

Silly Thing

Contradiction is an amazing game due mainly to the incredible cast of characters. Having John's ear, I laid out that I would love to put something together with him and Rupert for Giant Bomb. The initial pitch was a simple video of Jenks asking Ryan if he's ever seen "this" before referring to the GB website and Ryan responding to his line of questioning. At this point, John CCed in Mr. Booth and also got the blessing of Tim Follin =]

Initial Requests

With both John and Rupert on the chain, I shot for the moon and threw out three ideas.

  1. A video of Jenks asking "Do you know about Giant Bomb?" with Ryan replying that "It's a website about Video Games".
  2. A video of Jenks coming up to a tree with the police sketch of Jeff Gerstmann pinned to it and recreating the scene where Jenks comes upon the devil horns carved into a tree.
  3. A video of Jenks delivering the devil horns question to Alex, Vinny, and Austin.

At this point, John informed me that himself and Rupert were around 100-200 miles away from each other so video between the two would be impossible but that he'd be willing to supply some audio.

Spoilers: It was gold.
Spoilers: It was gold.

With this being an audio bit, I figured it'd work perfectly with the Beastcast. Rupert then also replied that he too could supply audio and would also be able to deliver on the devil horns video!

They were both constantly apologetic that they couldn't provide more which was kinda crazy because it was super cool that they were down to do any of this at all =D

The Audio Bit

No Caption Provided

With it decided that it'd be an audio bit, I thought it'd be a good idea to send it in under the guise of the file being an unused clip from the game itself. Reason being that I needed something they'd actually listen to while not being worried about spoilers as they hadn't finished the game at this point. Now what I needed was a script and I can come up with some jokes maybe but writing isn't my strong point so I recruited the help of one Janine Hawkins =D

The Script

With the help of Janine, we eventually came up with this script. (It was like, 99% Janine. I did like, maybe the formatting... Some of the formatting)

Link to Google Doc Script

We went with a somewhat slow burn start to lull the GB East guys into thinking this was actually an audition and not a prank, then drop a few hints before going full on jokes time. We also tried to keep it short so that the joke wasn't beaten to death and also so that the bit didn't take up too much time on the Beastcast.

I sent it off to Rupert and John to look over and record their parts and they both dug it. They also had some little touches they wanted to add as well!

No Caption Provided

The Delivery

While all this was going on, I had spent a bit of time priming both Austin and Alex for the prank. I started telling them over the course of a few days that I'd been in contact with some people from Contradiction and that I might have something super cool for them. Leading up to the next Beastcast recording date, I finally let em know that I had gotten my hands on the audition audio between Rupert and John and that it was glorious and needed to be played on the Beastcast. I told them I'd send the file to Brad and that he would confirm that the file was what I claimed it was so that they didn't need to worry about playing something crazy on air! Of course, Brad was in on the whole joke~

Good ol' Business Guns Shoemaker came thru
Good ol' Business Guns Shoemaker came thru

The Aftermath

When I got this message from Alex, I knew the deed had been done.

The best compliment is an insult out of the blue!
The best compliment is an insult out of the blue!

The next day the Beastcast aired and the prank went off beautifully. To the point that Vinny was afraid they were encountering spoilers even >,<

It was so damn delicious~ -_____-

And of course, once it was live and the prank was played, this was unleashed upon the world!

*EDIT Vine is dead so here's a new link to the video*


John Guiler and Rupert Booth for being so great and helpin a duder out!

Janine Hawkins for really comin thru with a great script on short notice~

Hamst3r for some quick deinterlacing and video editing wizardry =D

Brad Shoemaker for being an accomplice in some trickery!

Austin, Alex, and Vinny for enjoying being pranked =D




I've gotten the final green light from CBSi to do a limited 50 print run of these shirts for PAX Prime! So it's happening~! I'll send out pre-order information to people who have signed up once I get everything in order on the manufacturing end =]


If you are planning to attend PAX Prime 2015 and would like to purchase the shirt pictured below, please post your shirt size in the comments and I'll include you in the PAX Prime PM chain regarding the shirt =]

What is it?

It's a shirt I'll be putting together to hand out to duders attending PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle.

Near Final Design =]
Near Final Design =]

Placement on Shirt
Placement on Shirt

This is very close to the final design. I'm prob gonna make some slight changes including adding the event name on the bottom if I get cleared by CBSi. More on that below.


Current estimate is $17~$20 depending on how much it costs me to get them made. For my previous shirts I had a guy in LA do em and I got a pretty solid price but I'm not sure he's still active in which case, I'll have to find someone up here in Seattle to make em. If this happens, I'll break down the pricing as I've done before.

Is this even legal?

Yes! Endorsed by CBSi no less~ =D

How can I get one?

This is very important.


Reason for this is that I'm pretty sure the only reason I've been able to do this in the past is because it's a very small quantity and very limited availability. I would love to put my GB designs on TeeSpring like I did with the and Dirty Dan Ryckert shirts but I'm pretty certain the powers that be at Giant Bomb and CBSi wouldn't be down with that. So, thems the breaks. You can only get this shirt if you pre-order from me here.

Why should I trust you to deliver if I pay?

I've done this multiple times before.

Here is the pre-order page for the PAX Prime shirt.

Here is how the PAX East shirt was made.

And here is how the PAX East shirt was distributed by me at PAX East =]

And here are some pictures I've gotten of duders wearing said shirts. (Also, Brad wore the hoodie during his dance with Drew)

Alright, how do I get in on this.

This is way late in the game for me to do this but I've been swamped making Treads! and wasn't sure I'd have the time to do so because this is actually a pretty heavy time investment. I'm guessing I'll take pre-orders for about two weeks at which point I'll close it off. If there's enough interest, I'll go ahead with the process and start taking payments via pay-pal. This is also dependent on whether I get the green light from CBSi. If I don't hear from them soon, I'll prob have to call the whole thing off since I won't have the time to get the orders lined up and printed in time for the show. If you want a shirt, please post below that you want one and the size you would like. I will later on start a PM chain with everyone that's pre-ordered with further instructions and where to meet up to pick up the shirts during PAX. If you do order, please check below to see if you're order has been marked down. Another way to keep updated (especially during PAX) would be to

follow my twitter.