I made a Picross game =)


Sorry duders. Previous upload puzzles were pretty much straight up broken. I didn't have the time to play through them all and figure out which ones to fix so I basically didn't but I just coded a Picross solver that allowed me to quickly test and fix the puzzles so that they're all in working order. It also allowed me to properly implement the numbers on the sides so that they accurately represent whether or not you can figure out some spaces in a line or not using logic.

Here's the new link for anyone that's still interested =)

Download Here 1.5

Hey duders! I fell deep into a Picross hole and I got to thinking "Man, this game is so damn simple that I could prolly write one up in no time!". And once that seed was planted, there was no escape -_-;;

After working on mouse selection on my main programming project for roughly 2 days straight, I needed a short break and this is what I came up with. I'd say start to finish it was about 4 hours and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Added some more puzzles and the XNA 4.0 Redistributable into the install folder for ppl who don't have it installed yet.

If you have a previous version, you must uninstall before installing the new one!


left click = clear or unclear a block.

middle click = place a question mark for marking fun.

right click = assign an X.

The real beauty of this program is that the puzzles are set by way of feeding it a .png file. It'll read the file and then generate the correct size puzzle. So to add a new puzzle, I just need to drop in another black and white image for the placement of the pieces and a color image for the one that appears on the right side. Since I've got a whole collection of pixel art, when I have a little time I'll build out a front end so that players can select different puzzles. Also. . . sound. and music. And like, an ending. -_-;;