I'm Makin' a Game: The Beginnings of Steam

What's New

I've done a few things since the last update including as usual, code cleanup. Smaller things that don't have to do with the main topic at hand include modifying the way the point counter on the bottom right works. Now it'll slide out and readjust when more number spots are needed. This is to sort of declutter the HUD a bit more and also because I think it looks snazzy and will look even more so once I get in some real artwork there. Also, I've finally updated the counter to count up points quicker because it was a bit ridiculous how long it used to take. I also increased the amount of multiplier gauge buildup you get from the regular lookin potato by 6x so that I could quickly build up the multiplier -_-;;

Steam Effects

As for the steam effects, the actual sprites being used are temporary. I pretty much just needed some placeholder stuff so that I could get the coding started. Once I'm comfortable with the code, I'll put in some artwork that fits the overall style of the game better and I've already got a few ideas in that area. The spots where the steam comes out on the HUD right now, are not final but I just wanted to see if I could make the amount variable depending on what multiplier level is active and also, whether or not it's EXP, points, or both. The steam I've got set up right now, can be angled in any direction and will adjust the steam exit direction accordingly. In addition, the color changes from a brighter to a darker based on where the steam particle is at and the direction it's moving. The color changing is all done by the actual particle engine rather than being defined by me. . . well. I guess in a way it's defined by me because I wrote the code but I think you know what I mean.


I knew from the offset that I wanted the player to have a double jump, and I wanted to explain it as a blast of steam. The jetpack type thing is pretty much a result of me needing to test the particle engine and varying the strength of it and such. . . I'm not positive at this point whether or not I'm going to keep it but it would work with the story and setting I've got planned so it's a definite maybe.

This was a somewhat small update since I don't have much time during the work week to work on it but I'm happy with the progress. Open to suggestions, comments and criticisms.