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Best of 2013

A top 10 list of games I had most fun with this year. I enjoyed plenty others but these were my favorite =)

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  • This game amazingly exceeded the extremely high expectations I came into it with. It's been a long time since I really enjoyed a Zelda game and playing this game felt a lot like returning home after being away. It cut out all the fat that's been added to more recent Zelda games and instead added things like item rentals and fast travel that make the game easier to plow through. Nintendo effortlessly made an amazing game out of a genre that I'd have thought to be somewhat dead. Also, I played this game in 3D. I almost never play 3DS games in 3D but this one really did a bang up job of it. Bravo Nintendo. Please give me more.

  • Yup. Freaking Phoenix Wright was back this year and it was exactly what I expected it to be. It didn't deviate from the formula one iota but I love the formula and so I loved this game. The transition to 3D models was perfect in its execution and the 2D animated cutscenes were very enjoyable as well. As a long time fan, I also appreciated the throwbacks and the tying together of the Phoenix Wright and Appolo Justice series.

  • I'm gonna go ahead and lump in Picross e2 here as well since they're basically the same game. Every time a Picross game comes out, I fall into a hole and don't come out till I've solved every available puzzle and these two games were no exception. This time, I got so into it that I actually spent some time building my own picross game because I wanted to see if I could put together a solver. Anyone interested can find it here . As much as I loved these, I'm still hoping for a proper 3D picross game to make it over.

  • This game took me back to games I used to love like Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden on the NES. The randomized level structures and characters kept it fresh start to finish with some very enjoyable boss fights and a leveling structure that helped me feel like I was constantly making progress. Really had a blast with this one.

  • While not as good as The Third, it was still good enough to easily take a spot in my top 10. I think the humor could be hit and miss depending on whether you decide to have fun with them or roll your eyes and I just had fun. While no one moment was as amazing as the "There's some asshole in my pool" *Power* moment from 3, there were plenty others that had me laughing. I half expected Rodimus Prime to jump in and screw things up at one point =P

  • This year I heard the CoD single player campaign fell flat so I played through this one and it filled my annual need to military shoot things up just fine. I also never experienced any of the server issues and crashes that I hear everyone else has so I guess I've just been super lucky. I tend to only play multiplayer on games for about a week before moving on and the week I spent playing this one was immensely enjoyable. I played on the Giant Bomb server with other GB people and there just isn't anything else like a battlefield game when it comes to playing an FPS with a group of friends. Special thanks to @rolyatkcinmai for being a badass driver so I can just sit in the turret and blast away at fools.

  • Specifically 400 Days. It's only a single episode and I think it's meant to be a sort of prequel to Season 2. Regardless of what it's place in the series is, it was damn good. I enjoyed playing through a bunch of completely different story lines and they were all good. Can't wait for the second season to kick off.

  • There should be more games like this. I was thrown for a loop during the first half of this because I didn't have a clue what the game was about, just that I should play it. There are plenty of people out there that have been talking mess about this game but plenty more who give it praise. I fall on the side of praise. It wasn't brilliant but it deserves recognition and was executed more than well enough to be on my list.

  • There are 8 better games this year. I played through this game in a single sitting and it kept me engaged and looking forward to seeing what came next the entire time. Super imaginative and a nice punch at the end.

  • This game is really interesting to play over and over again. I played through it a few times and then went to youtube to see more. It's different and I'm attracted to different.