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An excellent game for what it is. . . which is not very good. 0

  Usually when you hear a game is like this game or that game, it's just a general way of categorizing the game and to give the listener a frame of reference to the type of game you'll be playing. This is the first time I played a game that really just felt completely like a copy of another game. This game is pretty much a freaking copy of Gears of War with different skins.+'sThe Graphics Are Pretty For the B level game this is, the graphics look surprisingly nice. The game really looks l...

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You already know it's bad, but how bad? 0

  This was a terrible game.+'sSprinting past the stupid AI. So on with the good. The AI was so bad in this game or just scripted so awfully that you can run past almost everyone in most sections of this game while only taking a few shots. Once we figured this mechanic out, the game went by much faster and was hilarious to boot.The game is mercifully short. The first three levels took about 2 hours, then the following 5 levels were completed in about another 2 hours. I feel like the game wa...

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Better in every which way 0

  I gotta say, I'm ridiculously impressed at this franchise's sophomore offering. Quite possibly the largest leap forward from sequel I've seen.+'sThe combat system is fun and versatile. The combat is rhythmic with attacks, parries, dodging, disarming and a bunch of running around. You'll be in battles against upwards of 10 enemies at once and on some occasions, there'll be a huge fight going on all around you with multiple factions fighting. The combat is improved from the first game and...

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Predictable fun doesn't make it any less fun 0

  Insomniac is a great development studio that makes high quality games. If you've played a previous Ratchet and Clank, you know exactly what you're getting into here.+'sThe visuals are very nice with a rock solid 60fps and a distinct art style All the Ratchet and Clank (RC) games have had a distinct look since it's first outing on PS2 and as the tech got better, they just realized more closely the vision I believe they had for the game from it's outset. The first game on the PS3 was impre...

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Look past the sex to the awesome game at it's core 0

  +'sFantastic main character Bayonetta is like some 8 foot tall super woman with a slightly too small head and way too long legs. Strangely, if you look at her, she looks good but if you really take time to loooook at her, you can see that she's proportioned like some kinda alien amazon woman. Still, she's awesome. She's very certain of herself and her sex appeal and she flaunts it every opportunity she gets. Most of her combos and special moves end with her in some crazy ass stripper po...

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Can't stay awake. . . 0

  Another light gun shooter for the Wii. This game took I think three sessions across a month and half or so to finish. Review INC!+'sThe Graphics were good. . . for the wii. We were already at a point where wii graphics were sorely lacking when the three current gen systems launched. At this point, the wii's visual prowess is in most cases laughable. Still, as far as wii games go, this game is way up at the top in terms of visual fidelity. The environments look good and with the exceptio...

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A single player focused review. 0

  Yet another FPS game that I plowed through.+'sThe dialog is fantasmical Not the story. . . well, partially the story because I guess the dialog is what's progressing the story. . . but mostly the dialog between the characters in Bad Company is excellent. There were times that I actually laughed out loud listening to some of the crap these guys were saying to each other. Prolly the best part about this game is some of the banter that goes on between the members of your party.Destructable ...

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Co-op or bust. 0

  Oh man, another co-op game in the bank. Yet another game I wouldn't have played more than an hour or two of were it not for Mr Kevin playin with me.+'sThe game is co-op The best thing about this game is that it's a co-op game that you can play with a friend. Without it, the game would be abysmal.Blinging out your weapons You earn cash for a lot of various things in this game and you can spend that money to upgrade and buy new weapons. On top of that, you can do stupid stuff to your weap...

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If only the combat were a little more interesting 0

  A game that was announced alongside the 360 finally released like what? 4 or 5 years later? Crazy development time but it's finally here and it's actually pretty good!You play as an author named Alan Wake. He's encountered severe writers block and so he takes a vacation with his wife to a small town called Bright Falls. You get there, some weird shit happens, and the next thing you know, you've woken up at the scene of a car accident with a week long hole in your memory. Your wife is m...

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Feel like a badass and look like one while doing it. 0

  One of like 3 Splinter Cell games I've actually played to completion and imo, the best of the bunch.+'sThe game empowers you and gives you a great feeling of being in control even in the most dangerous of situations The closest thing I can compare this to is the last Batman game. You really feel like you're hunting the enemies rather than hiding from them and waiting. In previous Splinter Cell games, it was a game of patience as much as anything else since you'd have to find a dark spot an...

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Full disclosure. I love me some Transformers! 0

  TRANSFORMEEEEEERS!!+'sTransforming feels goddamn awesome! The most important thing in a game about transformers would prolly be the transforming and it's executed wonderfully. At a press of a button you turn into a car, or a jet, or a tank or whatever it is your character turns into. It never got old changing into a vehicle to move somewhere faster and it's especially awesome when you use it in combat. For instance, ramming through a decepticon as a truck, launching off a ramp, transfor...

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Something that feels fresh, new and interesting? Yes please. 0

  The first game of 2010 Xbox Summer of Arcade. At it's core it's a sidescrolling platformer with some puzzles but it's wrapped in some excellent visual styling and atmosphere.+'sThe game is visually simple but incredibly striking The game is a 2D sprite looking game that only uses the colors black, white and shades in between. Even with just this very limited range this game is hands down one of the most visually stunning games I've played. No two places look the same and the entire thing...

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Death Spank hits the right notes, but just a tad bit too softly 0

  This is a game from one of the minds that brought about Lucasarts golden age of adventure gaming with his crowning achievement being those Monkey Island games. It's pretty much a diablo type game where you have direct control of your guy, and there's a ton of loot and you go and do quests till you finish. The big thing in this game is it's humor and it's hit and miss.+'sThe game is pretty funny at times Every item, weapon and piece of armor has it's own short description and more than o...

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Oh man, Zombies! 0

  The original Dead Rising came out way back when the 360 first released. I played the hell out of it and really loved the game even with it's crazy time constraints and wicked save system. Upon hearing about a sequel around like 4 years later, I was a little doubtful that the new game could live up to the memory of the first and if this Xbox Live Arcade prequel taste is any indication of the sequel that'll come out in a few weeks, then I'm gonna purchase the game day one.+'sZombie killin...

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