Question about transferring memory between xbox memory units

Hey guys. 
I'm selling my old xbox to a friend, and I will be buying the slim xbox. Thing is I will need to transfer memory, and I'm wondering how that will affect the old hard drive. The guy I'm selling it to is my old roommate, and he has a lot of stuff on that hard drive. Everything from saved games to DLCs. Will they remain on the old HDD (do I copy memory?) or will everything be transferred to the new HDD, and delete whatever I transfer? 
I'm not sure how this works, but I appreciate all the answers I can get. Thanks. 
PS. I sent a mail to microsoft support, but all I got was a copy and paste answer regarding the spring update, and informed me that I could use 16 gb USB storage devices. So yeah, I tried that.


Any music creators on this site?

Hey guys. 
I've just started to get into making electronic music, and would like to create something myself. Problem is I don't know where to start. I got a Macbook Pro with Garage band, and that's about it. I'm considering Logic express/pro, but I don't feel I need something so sophisticated just yet. First off I need to learn the basics. My problem must be where to find samples. Do you make them yourselves, or do you "loan" them from existing songs? Do you use the loops that follow the editing program or do you create your own? 
Do I need a keyboard? I enjoy dubstep, and would like to attempt to make something within that genre. How do I make the wobbly sounds? :) 
I appreciate all tips on where to go from, how to get started, and general tips :) Thanks.


Heavy Rain made me buy a PS3

  Yup, I tried the demo and I was sold. I have now joined the other side without any remorse. Am I welcomed? 
Ok for the true intention of this post: What other games should I buy? I've already acquired MGS4, and I plan on buying Flower, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 2. Any recommendations? :)  I am only interested in PS3 exclusives.

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