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Revenge of the arena shooter: this time...on a console? 0

This game combines qualities of some extremely loved games.  The shooting feels like Unreal Tournament, the Custom Classes and endorsements (the three power-ups you choose for your character) feel like a Modern Warfare game, and the classes feel like Team Fortress 2.  Also, to my knowledge, it combines the gameplay of Defense of the Ancients, which to those uninformed, is an incredibly popular Warcraft III mod that spawned 3 full retail PC games like it in the past year or two.  And let's not fo...

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One man's trash is another man's treasure. 0

They often say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  In the case of Olympic Soccer for the Playstation, the most people consider this trash, but it’s mine and the “Games are art” gamers’ treasure.  This game could be the masterpiece “art gamers” have been looking for. Forget Braid and Limbo.  This game is a perfect example of unorthodox design, through a totally surprising and unlikely genre I might add, and presented to an unsuspecting video game consumer.   Olympic Soccer was published b...

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