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The World in Union... Rugby Union 0

Picked up a copy of Rugby World Cup 2011 recently, just out of curiosity. The last rugby game I'd played was the classic Jonah Lomu Rugby on the Playstation1, so it's been quite a while since I've played a game of virtual Rugger.This is actually the first of two rugby games coming out this year. The other one being a new Jonah Lomu Rugby game, Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge.Having sat and played a good couple of hours of it I can honestly say the game isn't bad, it's just not great. It's very utilit...

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Driver: Quantum Leap... or maybe Driver: Life on Mars 0

Recently I finished Driver: San Francisco's story mode. I had been itching to play through it and I wasn't disappointed, I really liked the game.I was a little sceptical of the game at first. This was mostly because the last Driver game I played, Driver 3 or Driv3r to give it it's proper name, was absolute spanners but also because of the "You can totally just jump into another car" dynamic that was talked about so much pre-release. Having seen some play through videos on the internet, spoken to...

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