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Thanks for putting me in my place, GiantBomb.

Welcome to the New World
Welcome to the New World

Actually, this is quite appropriate, since we have ourselves something that is very hard to find in this Information Age: a truly clean slate.
There are fewer and fewer chances in life to really re-invent yourself, so it has been fun to watch/listen to Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny re-invent the way they cover games since from the birth of The Bombcast until today.  I'm going to try to live by their example and re-invent myself here as a gamer.

I've been pretty much a lurker in my previous web personas, but I think getting in on the foundation of something like this will motivate me to contribute more and make myself part of the community (4,383 and counting).

My review of God of War (which I just picked up a couple of weeks ago) may not be relevant to 'Core gamers at this point, but  maybe there are folks like me out there whose gaming To Do list stretches far beyond the New Release Calendar, or who are just trying to figure out the difference between a Bumper and Trigger on that hunk of plastic in their hand.  For you people; I've got your back.

So, while there are certainly people here with vastly more gaming history/knowledge than me, I believe there is a place for a guy who layed quarters on arcade machines in high school, rented a Playstation from Blockbuster the week it was released to play Battle Arena: Toshinden with his buddies, and now between trying to get ahead at work and preparing for the arrival of his first son, is just trying to get in some quality gaming!