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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

2014 has not been a banner year for me and games. I was either too poor to buy everything I wanted so I just stuck with Crusader Kings II, or I was in a job that took up almost all my free time. I'm honestly not even totally sure if I bought 10 games this year? Lets see.

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  • So it's a Bioware RPG. Yeah, I like those. It's a game with flaws, it was the latest sign in many that I desperately need a new PC (holy shit the frame rate could be awful at time) but I've really enjoyed my time with Inquisitions. Yeah, it's not Origins good, but I liked the Hawke cameo, and while I've not finished the game yet (I'm about 55 hours in so far) I'm liking the story. Vivienne, Dorian, Iron Bull, Cole, Solas, Cassandra, Josephine, it's a game with a very fun cast who make it really. I dunno, I like it and I haven't played that many games in 2014 so it's GOTY

  • I'd actually kind of forgotten about this until it showed up in the Giant Bomb GOTY podcasts but it really was a blast. Really funny game. What more did I need? No, nothing more.

  • I really liked it. The criticisms that it was done a disservice by coming out in drips and drabs over the course of months is totally fair, but they sucked me into that world enough to make me want to read the Fables books. Bigby was a really great lead character for me too.

  • This game definitely made an impression on me. I really loved my time with it and I remember just feeling impressed with how it made me feel. I like the recent trend of games dealing with the more mundane. I'm sort of tired of always saving the nation/world/solar system/galaxy/universe. Stories about fairly normal people and their struggles are every bit as interesting, if not more so. But I really have to be honest. I remember nothing about what happened in this game 7 months on from when I finished it. And yet it's still my #4. Hmmm. Yeah. Not been a big gaming year.

  • You know, this is sort of on here by default as I struggle to think of names to add here. I liked what I've played of PCM14, but it runs badly on old ass PC and I won't get to grips with it until I've upgraded. And who knows when that will happen. But it is a well made sports management sim.

  • I had some fun with this one. It got hard, and I never got to try multiplayer, but yeah, Good stuff.

  • Man, I loved the style but I never actually felt compelled Jazzpunk. A shame.

  • This was a crazy idea that I honestly didn't play very much but still sort of appreciated the style.

  • I'll be honest, I thought maybe this would help me understand baseball but instead I felt totally drowned in stats that meant fucking nothing. I still don't know what RBI actually means. Nope, sorry. This was a bad purchase for me.

  • So I don't have a current gen console yet but I did get to play a bit of this and holy hell was it a disappointment. I was burnt out on the Undisputed games but this is just a damp squib. Ugh. Needs a lot of work.