What Halo "Mythic" will be, and what I would like it to be.

What it will be:

A large batch of DLC (6 new maps) and 30 new achievements that add another 750 possible Gamerscore points. At this time, that much is almost undeniably true. There have been confirmations of the legitimacy of the achievments by two Bungie.net forum moderators who were in attendence at PAX, and the names of the achievements indirectly confirmed the legitimacy of a list of maps found by a modder on his 360 hard drive months ago.

Compare the top 6 achievements on the first list, and map name predictions at the bottom of the second list (noting, of course, that the second list was posted in early August, before the official name for Purple Reign was even revealed):


My guess is, Halo 3 "Mythic" will come in two forms -- a sizable download of just the 6 new maps and additional achievements for those of us who already possess the other content, as well as a stand-alone disc release with all of the DLC for those who either haven't purchased it yet or don't have XBox Live.

What I want it to be:

On top of the DLC and additional achievements, I want Halo 3 "Mythic" to include a complete and comprehensive "update" that fixes the myriad of minor issues that plague the game. These few small fixes can really add up to a substantial improvement in gameplay:

  • Allow players to spawn with all the first-person weapons, on every map (including the Carbine, Beam Rifle, etc.)
  • Include a small text notification on-screen when a Bomb is being armed, so that Halo 2-style Assualt is possible
  • Fix Flag Returning to allow for a true "Touch Return" just like in the previous two games
  • Add the option for Neutral Flag
  • Improve the default Overshield to make it as powerful as the Halo 1/2 version.
  • Decrease the time delay between switching weapons
  • Increase the splash damage of both the Rocket Launcher and Frag Grenades

I could go on, but those are the most important ones I think. If "Mythic" offered a patch that resolved even half of that list, I would be satisfied.