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Best of 2009

Fosssil: Best of 2009
Disclaimer: I don't own a PS3 at the moment, so I've had very little access to the great PS3 games that were released this year.

List items

  • Fantastic graphics, fantastic gameplay, fantastic voice acting, fantastic use of the Batman license, fantastic re-playability and bonus features... this game is definitely my Game of the Year for 2009.

  • The value wasn't really there at $60 for someone like myself who already bought all of the Halo 3 DLC maps. With that said, I enjoyed the changes Bungie made to the standard Halo formula in this game and found myself going back to Firefight mode again and again.

  • Assassin's Creed II does something that is pretty rare in a game sequel -- it corrects nearly all of the flaws of its predecessor. One of the most visually impressive games ever made, that now has the quality of gameplay to match.

  • A fantastic FPS/RPG hybrid that manages to blend the two genres seamlessly. Humorous characters, insane amounts of re-playability, and an overall addictiveness to the gameplay make Borderlands the one game on this list that I'll probably still be playing a few months from now.

  • A game that proves that dumbed-down aiming mechanics (generous hitboxes and crosshair magnetism) are absolutely not needed in a console FPS. A better balanced, more skillful multiplayer gameplay experience than any other shooter released on consoles this year (yes, it's better than Modern Warfare 2).

  • Last year's installment was considered by many to be the best sports game of all time, and this year's version just continues to improve the gameplay and graphics. Plus, I love me some hockey.

  • A shameless Metroidvania-clone; I shamelessly enjoyed every minute of this awesome game.

  • I've always enjoyed the various Mario RPGs, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Stylish graphics, varied and interesting gameplay, and a strong story with a generous dose of humor make this the best DS game of the year.

  • More GTA IV is always a good thing in my book, and both of these episodes managed to deliver more of the same gameplay that I enjoyed so much from the original game. Better yet, they took that familiar gameplay and applied it in new and unique ways.