Last games of my gaming career

I'm probably going to quit playing games. Nothing announced for next gen really inspires me. I've found enough in this generation to play and I think revisiting games makes more sense than making a $500 purchase. I am currently playing Fifa 17 and Uncharted 2. I expect to finish those games up this weekend and plan on jumping into the following games next. I'm buying a house in the next 6 months and I'd really like a house free of media other than music or what is on my phone so I will donate a bulk of my games and computer stuff and TV to the goodwill and quit gaming. I have 191 days. I'd like to get through the following games and this will be record of games. No games may be added to the list. I am putting what I hope to accomplish for each game. All of the games beaten will have a review on this site. I don't believe more than a couple of games deserve 5 stars. So if I recommend anything at 5 stars it comes highly recommended. I will score these as a sign of completion with asterisks (****_). I will try to write a comprehensive review for the site as well. Indicated by (REVIEWED). In no particular order:

Edit: I've made the realization that I really dont want to play any of the games in my list. I used to hold this opinion that people that were well read or in the modern era played alot of games were knowledgeable people. I'm starting to realize through everything that reading is fundementally the better path forward. My gaming peers cannot think, or why would you spend 100s of hours playing Destiny or in my case 500 hours playing PUBG. Sure there are social aspects to it but i really dont have anybody in my real life that i can commiserate with on the breadth and width of these games, which was the whole point. If a site like can't support active discourse, instead devolving to "what you think heaven is? (emphasis on poor grammar),' and that gets traction then i need to stay far, far, far away from the gaming community. I have to come to some conclusions on the games i like and i will note those here:

Favorite Franchise: Assassins Creed

Favorite Game: Pubg

Favorite Series: Last of Us

Favorite Console: Xbox One X

I think i had a compulsion to play 51 games because i wanted to get my money's worth. I don't care anymore. I'm just going to donate to goodwill and feel good about myself. A couple of dozen chicken nuggets will pail in comparison that some kid with $6 will get from the games. Last of Us 2 was truly a waste of my time I'll just keep the consoles since i have digital games and just donate the disc. I'm kind of glad i didnt go all digital this generation.

So the last games will be AC: Odyssey and then Ghost of Tsushima. An Assassins Creed game and a take on a Assassins Creed Game. Let's go. You can disregard the other 49 titles i picked. Who really cares? The scene has been lost to twitch influencers and youtube talking heads.

Couldn't even be arsed to play anything after having a conversation with a friend. Why should i dole out 30+ hours to AC: Odyssey plus another 12 for Ghosts. Donated a bunch of stuff to goodwill and traded in ps4 and some games for like $300 in store credit that i will use over the next couple of years on wallets, t-shirts, notebooks, and socks. I will be writing reviews for almost all of the games i've ever played my next review will be for Mafia 3. The prevailing thing that i care about most with videogames is the soundtrack, the echoes of an elusive age, I've had enough.

List items

  • I've beaten all of the Assassins Creeds outside of AC;India and AC: Russia and the original AC. Really want to play through this because I enjoy Greek mythology. And if I somehow find my way through all of these games by my deadline i'd like to pick up Valhalla because Vikings are pretty cool too.

  • Bought this game on launch because I finished the Last of Us 2 and I kind of liked Second Son. I originally was going to beat Last of Us 2 and trade in my PS4 Pro and games but then I heard this game plays like Assassins Creed so i'm well up for it.

  • Really enjoying the game. Playing it on a PS3. Graphics are pretty jagged looking and it's hard to tell some characters apart. They did a poor job with this aspect. I would have rather played this than the entire Gears of War series. Licenses are apparently important to me so im hoping that terminator game blows my mind.

  • The Journey storyline spans Fifa 17, 18, and 19. I really would like a quality storyline in a videogame and i'd like to get better at Fifa. So here we go.

  • The Journey Concludes

  • The Journey Continues

  • People swear up and down that this game is great. I do not like Naughty Dog games. However, they are extremely playable so i'm about a 3rd of the way through this so I might as well finish it. The game is a touchstone for so many conversations on games that I need to understand the reference point.

  • Live action game. I have no idea was is going on with the story so im curious to learn the systems and find out what is going on. I'd rather play this than Until Dawn or Man of Medan. I kind of hate when games go the acting route like those games do.

  • I bought the Metro Book and never finished it. I did finish 2033 and it was okay. I'd really like to finish the book and play this game as well as last light. I was learning Russian with a buddy of mine and I had the dialogue in Russian but that lost priority with COVID so my interest has somewhat diminished for this game. I think the key to finishing this is reading that book.

  • I've enjoyed the other games in the Wolfenstein franchise and this one seems pretty interesting. It had some broken online nonsense at launch and I think they've patched all that out.

  • Want to close out the franchise with the book and movie. Maybe come out of it with a little more Russian.

  • I played Last of Us 1 and 2 and had a pretty good time. I've never really finished a game more than once other than Super Mario World. I would say this is my favorite gaming franchise because I'm a big fan of 3rd person shooters and the story was truly 1 note which is fine. I really hate Naughty Dog environmental puzzles but having played the games before I think that will reduce my ire. I tried to play Left Behind before I played Last of Us 1 because I wanted all the story. I wasn't prepared for the plodding. Now I am. I think it will be neat fly through this series knowing that a new games plus in Last of Us 2 is waiting for me.

  • Never completed a story game more than once. This I will be a first.

  • Never finished a new game plus before. This is another first.

  • I really want to find a way to forgive a friend. This may hold the key.

  • A nice movie property that I enjoyed. I've really never played a game purely based off a movie like this. This should be fun.

  • I want to brag post-COVID that all I played were apocalypse games. 1) To prove that I wasn't super paranoid during this time 2) Because honestly these apocalypse games are strategy guides for real life at the moment. I recently finished the first episode in the series and really enjoyed it after trying to do so for years. I may do an individual review on the site per episode just so I can really hash out my thoughts and work on my writing.

  • I bought the entire collection and in order to not feel bitter about the purchase I need to play through them all. In reality, this was game that I couldn't afford to play when I was a struggling college student. I jealousy was upset that I couldn't relate to how small the text was on screen because there was no way I could afford to outright buy games and Blockbuster was on it's way out. COVID reasons as well. I'd like to see how the franchise evolves through 4.

  • COVID-19 strategy guide

  • COVID-19 tips and tricks

  • COVID-19 directors commentary

  • I never really played COD multiplayer to the point of prestige until Advanced Warfare. Prior to that I played in a beta here or got a month of live there. It wasn't until Advanced Warfare that I finished a campaign and really went for it in COD I quit playing multiplayer after Advanced Warfare. I played all of the CODs online at some point but never played single player. I've remedied that by beating all of the current gen CODs (im pissed black ops 4 didn't have a story) so i'm going back to pick up all the cods from 360. This is the first.

  • Neglected single player

  • The beta started this all for me. I got a code late and boy did I enjoy this game. Something about the numbers and vibration. I no longer need a Goldeneye remake or cared about Resistance Fall of Man

  • Finish the fight

  • These games all play differently

  • I saw this at a Walmart and thought the smoke looked fantastic.

  • This is one of the first games that I played online. None of the toxicity non of the try hardness. Just a couple of randoms trying to take a checkpoint. Game has lost its way and here's to the memories.

  • More doom and COVID gloom. I cannot wait.

  • This is replay. Pretty excited to see if this holds up. I didn't have headphones and the best TV back in the day. Now I do.

  • Never finished this game. I got the handsome jack collection so we shall see.

  • I was playing through the ps3 version when it crashed on me after about 8 hours of gameplay. I've got it on Xbox one now. I really want to finish it.

  • I liked Interview with a Vampire as a child.

  • I finished the game and rather liked it. Now that I understand the systems in the game i'd really like to exploit those systems.

  • Maybe I will finish this off with a From gam.

  • Really enjoyed everything Remedy does. CrossfireX looks good but I've kind of been there done that with their games. It's a shame i'll never see the DLC for this game. I guess that's what youtube is for.

  • I've never finished a GTA game because I hate the fact that people in glass houses with security and attack dogs have the audacity to comment on normal folk. Your friends didn't make this game. A guy that goes to $500 a plate dinners so they don't have to fairly compete for government contracts made this game. The deplorables. I guess i'm interested in seeing what they think.

  • I finally have the patience to play a game like this. I don't know much about World War 2 and the african theatre other than what i learned from that Valkyrie movie.

  • Enjoy the style of these games and i never fully learn the combat. We will see.

  • They made Mad Max (I think). I really liked Mad Max enough to pick this up on launch day. It seems fine. Doom was good so this kind of gives me those vibes. Doom Eternal is kind of boring but it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle, twice

  • I listen to mostly videogame soundtracks because lyrics are problematic (see my Far Cry 5 review). I'm hoping i can beat this if for no other reason than to have a cool atmospheric soundtrack to listen to at work.

  • This game seems like it might capture that COVID spirit. Is the kid immune? Are kids immune. This whole damn thing is a mess.

  • Old school PS2 game. A sequel was supposed to be in Amsterdam. I really wanted to see it at the PS5 event. I'm just so sick of Grand Theft Auto

  • A nice racing game with a decent soundtrack, hopefully. Sign me up.

  • Mega Man 2 started this whole videogame mess. Hopefully i get a cool soundtrack and an excellent platform experience. I kind of don't like platformers. Prove me wrong.

  • I really did not like this game. I loved the mutliplayer and i hate the fact that i let certain podcasts talk me out of it. I really want to get out of gaming because it's so awesome to soak all the news and opinions in. But when you get burned my recommendations or miss out on an experience because of a 'trusted' source it's really time to move on to something that is more less ephemeral. 46 games later.. what am i looking for? What have i found other than a soundtrack? Because clearly the community absorbs all these games without becoming better people. I'm out.

  • These games have always been on my radar. Can i finish one.

  • The other Buffy game was dope and had some quippy dialogue on the Xbox. This should bring back some memories.

  • I thought i beat the original game on PSX. But then i got the psClassic and am pretty sure i was too dumb to figure that all out. I know i beat the PSP games so this will be like those.

  • Never finished one of these. The ambient music is sure to be a hit for me.

  • This is probably the first game i saw running live on a PSX. This started my gaming habit in 1996. If PS5 is not backwards compatible im definitely quitting gaming and working on the next great american novel.