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Still miss you Ryan & thanks for all the greatness done!

One of my many favorites & I'm thinking in a parallel universe that Ryan is making a franchise out of games like this & acting in them too.

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As a game demonstrator & somewhat ambassador to the hobby (fox01313 on boardgamegeek too), agreed with this on how we are in a game renaissance for tabletop gaming as well as video games.

If wanting to get into the hobby more, as others pointed out, Meetup or local game/comic stores might have something plus look on facebook as there could be local boardgame groups too (if not there's two big ones that are US to find people more local). Also Cool Stuff Inc. & Miniature Market are some of the bigger online US places to look for finding game stuff online if a local store isn't around. There are a few good conventions like Boardgamegeek Con & Origins for finding out more in the US game scene plus Essen Germany has a huge one (as well as UK Game Expo) for the fine folks across the pond.

For websites Boardgamegeek & Dice Tower are the big ones on lots of reviews & information. Check out Tabletop on youtube for Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek Next Generation) getting together with friends to play a lot of games, many mentioned here earlier that are quite easy to learn & lots of fun. Youtube user Watch It Played has been doing a great job too at teaching games so if curious about a game you can see how to play it & some game sessions up there too so you can skip through the rule book. Tabletopia up on Steam is a good way for people not nearby to sit down & play games.

As for games to add to suggestions to get into if looking for something though some of these can get a bit more depth to them, most have videos up on Boardgamegeek & Watch It Played to see more of it.

Marvel Legendary - take Magic the Gathering, remove the collectible aspect, put everyone together with a simple deck of Shield agents then with your friends, recruit other heroes to defeat the supervillain & scheme as your deck of cards gets bigger & better

Near & Far - designed & art from the same person who takes a simple storytelling aspect to where you are traveling the world with this strategy game & going on different quests. Lots of ways to play this as you can play a simple arcade mode to a longer campaign in the search for ancient ruins.

Concordia - a lot of simple strategy in this game with only one simple rule, play one card. You work as a Roman noble to build up the empire. Depending on the card you play, you find that the cards will elegantly give you different abilities to build up your influence & power in the ancient world.

Terraforming Mars - Everyone building up Mars to a point to terraform it & live there, trick is that everyone is acting as a different corporation & each generation the players will see how the world builds up.

Flick Em Up - More of a dexterity flicking game with wooden pieces & the old west. Different scenarios & some expansions to play out as you test your skills at shooting at opponents with wooden discs.

Terra Mystica - This and Terraforming Mars & maybe Concordia are three that have a bit more to them if looking for more of a challenge but not too bad. Terra Mystica is a fantasy game where everyone is going for different territories, trick here is that each fantasy race can only build on one kind of territory so with the map, you have to change the lands to build up your empire. All the races play a little differently as you try to outwit your opponents.

Unfair - This and Near & Far came out fairly recently. In Unfair, it's like Roller Coaster Tycoon where everyone has a simple park to start & the goal with the themed decks is to build the best theme park around. With only 5 attractions to build the trick here is to outwit your opponents as you play events to help yourself to some good things or hinder your opponent (each card has 2 choices). All the themed decks of Gangsters, Ninjas, Vampires, Robots, Jungle & Pirates all operate a little differently from each other & the timer is counting down to see who can get the most points.

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Sounds more like an issue with the game than the Xone. Maybe setting up a new guest account on Xone might fix it or look through the game settings to see about starting a new game.

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Thanks to Ryan from Giant Bomb, I learned how delightfully entertaining it is to find fun new ways to mispronounce things instead of trying to think of some joke that will most likely fall flat.

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Rewatching the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run of greatness & forgot about this until hitting the episode with Brad & Ryan. Apparently some have tried.

Thinking that it would be better with cranberry & corn flakes. Might try it sometime after the various grilled cheese sandwich experiments going on now around here mixing different cheeses & trying garlic bread toast instead of normal bread.

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Worried now that if either came out after this long amount of time since the previous one that they might suffer similar to other franchises where it doesn't do much new things & just a big collection of nostalgia 'remember this' moments from the previous games. It like all games could be good but I think that expectations have been on this for so long (plus living up to those expectations) that we probably won't see them anytime soon.

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Too many games on the wishlist & just hoping that a new job starts soon so I can take advantage of getting more than a bunch of small games.

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Would prefer a new Saints game between 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 or some weird thing after 4 of them getting back to a human colony on Mars or something. Though this does look interesting & will give this a try to see how it is.

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With the cat being nocturnal, it's hard to tell if it wants in to sleep or for human company. Agreed with the others about letting it in but give the cat a bed or tower or something where it can hang out in the room. If it gets up on the bed early on, move it to the bed/tower & spend time with the cat there.

Growing up I had a cat who would be very vocal if I wasn't around or in the other rooms but when it got to my bedroom it would find a place to sleep quietly. Hard to tell as they all are little furry cute weirdos so just try to figure out what it's wanting & do your best to make the cat comfortable living in the house.