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Currently playing if I have any free time

This is just recent stuff owned trying to get through in one way or once again, not counting the games I get through Gamefly for the 360 to try out instead of buying them & no order to what's being played.

List items

  • As epic as this is & having about 1/2 the soundtrack for years to listen to glorious metal, I'll play a few other games & come back to play it again just because it's EPIC.

  • Incredibly big thanks to Dosbox for letting this work :). This Blood franchise is one of my favorites of all time & was always sad on not being able to play it until discovering Dosbox.

  • Really hard to fight the urge to play Portal or TF2 when trying to learn the level editor toolkit on the PC version I also have.

  • Spending more time on this learning the editor than the game itself. Not a big fan of the big bulky armor look on the PC version of the majority of the people & please Epic don't give the uber impact hammer a spot in a game ever again or the guns you get, at least with UT2k4 I could at least use the shield gun & machine gun when you start the match, the hammer/pistol in UT3 bites.

  • Fun but still vexed about the achievements not being retroactive last time I checked, I can see where it keeps track of all this but can't go into the one retired character to convince it that I finished the main story with him.

  • Fun as hell.

  • Simple yet deadly, would be nice to see the one airborne multiplayer mode in other games (where only time you can kill others is in the air).

  • After finding the art book I want to go back to this game I finished on the Xbox to get another look at it.

  • Yes like Jeff I'm somewhat apprehensive of putting even more time into this game right now, after trying out all the origin stories & getting through a large chunk with a mage & having plenty of battles go okay to bad (or just paused/reloaded a few times) I'm stuck on debating to pick one of the other origins where the rogue or warrior is the main character. I like the mage especially after putting in enough points to get the waking nightmare spell but still a lot more management of people that I'd rather trust the AI with. Maybe someday will get back to it.

  • Got this recently through steam to get a ton of screenshots with to admire as it's tougher with the Xbox version I have. Will require playing it again :).

  • Yes the PS3 is being used mostly for PS1 great games like this & streaming Mythbusters through netflix.

  • Yes the PS3 is being used mostly for PS1 great games like this & streaming Mythbusters through netflix.

  • Will finally finish the last stage of this game as I'm not so new to the controller like I was when originally getting it on the Xbox.

  • Too bad it's on the pc as the controls are kind of funky compared to when I played it on the Xbox years ago. Unlike the Xbox version, I can push up the resolution to a decent size where the characters look not so Quake II.

  • Big thanks to Dosbox for letting this work :).

  • Big thanks to Dosbox for letting this work :).

  • Love the game & can't stop playing it even after finishing it. Wish that someone would take the VtM rich setting & do something similar to Dragon Age where the clan openings were a little more unique to each clan as well as each clan having an HQ/people to deal with even if the quests are the same.

    Oh & Malkavian clan in this game is done brilliantly with the costumes/writing.

  • Known around here as Deadpool & Friends Grand Adventure Romp. Same goes for MUA2.

  • Quite landmark at least for me in being a Mario game that broke away from the franchise & tried something different. Playing on the virtual console on the Wii & enjoying it despite not being a big Nintendo fanboy.

  • Again, virutal console item. Tried to enjoy it but didn't get too far into it after getting to the town. Just too much to try to figure out (again not a big fan of Nintendo games, last zelda game I played was the first one ages ago), still it's a game to try to chip away at & it's quite interesting to see how much of it carries over to games today. Plus wtf is with the town on some of the contests, if I recall there was a bowling one but might be wrong but there was one sporting thing not being a shooting gallery which seemed quite off from the world in the game.

  • Loved the first & never really got into the 2nd, found it at Half Price books (retail chain selling used books, cds, games) & started into this. Have to admit that I love the hell out of this one even more with the player upgrades, witty dialogue & fun gadgets. BTW Fox Interactive, bring this to the current consoles with a proper & fun sequel as it's a great franchise.

  • We need more games like this. Not so much the 16bit RPG but with Cthulhu & other beloved Lovecraftian creations playing the main roles.