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Gamefly list for 2011

Same as the other lists on this topic with me. Just a way to keep track of what I've been playing, thoughts and whatnot.

List items

  • Yes figured that between the zombie DLC which looks lovely & just taking a break from playing it (from launch time until now) that I should be able to finish it off as well as do some more fun things. Multiplayer is fun if you have a good group otherwise it's interesting to just run around shooting people in towns. After finishing off the single player story I think they handled the ending quite well except for how it was written on what happened to the main character, at least they could have explained it a little better as I wasn't expecting that to happen, just do a few ranching missions & that'd be it.

  • Was good for the first few handful of episodes, after hitting the halfway point in the career I hit my limit with the game. Between the rubber banding or trying to take people out by having stupid helicopters drop explosive barrels on the car is pretty useless, I wound up having to redo many races just to get near or above 5th. While I liked the 'what's going on with the next episode' after finishing the rivals race in the career, it'd have been nice to have the option to skip it. Tip if there's a sequel & OMG you won a brand new car, put the stats on the car, nothing is great about winning a generic looking race car %26 not having a clue if it's worth anything.

  • I just couldn't get into this one very far. They took Guilty Gear fighting series & made a bad Dynasty Warriors knockoff along with lots of running sequences early on. Too much of WTF Japan for me, I'd rather go back & play through The Outfit again than 5 more minutes of this.

  • Without the funky bullet currency this game had some interesting things to it, granted once they introduced rolling trolley car with machine gun rail sequence I had a feeling that this would be my stopping point. As the turret proved to be quite slow buildup on the rotation & people shooting from many directions, I was proven right. Not too bad but definitely needs some tweaking in the mechanics towards any possible sequel.

  • Bungie did a great job on this & enjoyed it throughout. I thought that the team mechanic worked better with ODST & gave people more personality by letting you play them at times over being stuck with the same person, in Reach they seem a bit less in personality but doesn't take away from this gem.

  • Really couldn't get into it, especially when something requires a finishing move to kill it otherwise it regains health (should be able to kill it by hitting it constantly regardless). Overall felt quite linear from the small amount of time spent on it though really not enjoying it enough to keep going after repeatedly trying the checkpoint.

  • Thankfully the controls are a lot better than the original on the Wii. Plus the variety of the 2d areas & upgrades makes it seem like this is what de Blob1 should have been as a full game. Still quite good for a rental, not sure what kind of replaying factor it has with the blob party mode.

  • Had some trouble with just not being used to the controls & being new to the franchise but aside from that it's fun though the best thing in the game is the hall of Meat challenges.

  • It seems that this part of the Star Wars franchise is like having a tv show around the Borg (early ST: Next Generation) where there might be some badass moments but the rest of the time they are probably just playing I-spy (btw all the answers are Borg). That being said this one is a bit more fun & shorter than the first one. Few issues though, some of the costumes I thought were rather silly to put in (why someone wants to play as an alien civilian is beyond me), stupid Dagobah interactive cutscene, how Starkiller sounds when getting hit (who sounds like that EVER?), the first challenge I found had some issues with the buttons registering, biggest issue with it was Starkiller's clone, whoever decided to make him ths miopic & stupid should be moved to somewhere else in Lucasarts. By half way through the game I just couldn't stand him & his whiny fixation on the girl drove me mad. A few things that helped make things a little better, skipping some cutscenes, cheap DLC where you can galactic punt ewoks & finding the costume for Guybrush Threepwood. This costume alone made the game much more bearable for me.

  • It's a Japanese arcade game of just eating quarters, maybe on XBLA it might have worked but as a disc based game & so many vaguely different versions on the disc (mostly in controls) it's one to skip by so many. Just not fun & with all the crap on the screen (bullets/pickup tokens/enemies) there's so many ways to not make it through without continuing many many times.

  • Good game just not the right time for me to get into it more, will come back to it though as it was quite fun. In one of those anti-driving game moods at the moment.

  • Nice idea though I'd have definitely gotten rid of the green boxes that might have something inside them. With this game if you are trying to TK anything for that spare bit of health or ammo, having those be more thorny to have to shoot it first or if you can't see it then try to throw it & have it sometimes work just makes them silly to put in the game. Overall it's a neat idea for a game but there's so many points where I was low on health or ammo & saw something a moment before but while the camera can't move back 5-10 degrees so I can get it, just left me screaming at the tv (as well as all those times of where it was telling me to shake the Wii remote & not registering when both of them were being shaken like a bartender making a rum daiquiri). Not sure if I was the only one but there's problems with the weapon select, often I'd pick another weapon, getting away from that stupid pistol, only to find it's still in the weapon selection choices after the menu & picking something else. The glow worm is another touchy thing as there were many times when I wanted the damn thing on for a little more light in a dark scene only to find that it's an element in the game that can only turn on in certain areas. Somewhere in the ship, where I was taking slightly too long to line up the bloody rivet gun & getting grabbed by the tentacle is where I lost patience with the game, between that & I find it uncomfortable to play the Wii (aiming Wiimote at the tv that is) for any huge length of time over about an hour or so, decided that was a good point to say that I've seen enough & send it back.

  • Got this for the Wii to see what the hell it was all about. Spent most of the time in the konquest mode, which compared to what was in Deception, is more like Shaolin Monks of just wandering around collecting things & beating people up. No quests but there's a few problems that had me want to send this back. 1.In konquest mode there's plenty of spots where you should max the brightness in the options on the main menu as you can't get to it in the game, then you almost have to max the brightness on the tv too. Seriously when is this a good design in the game, before adjusting this so many times I was in a dark hallway having to use a map to figure out where to go as you can only really see your character. 2.the damn 3d fighting controls, just ruin the fighting for me & so glad they are getting away from this with MK9. 3.the mortal kart mode is funny but really too easy to die in spots plus unless you pick up koins during the race there's really no point to it. 4.the story is interesting due to this being the last midway MK game but hard to recommend, there's many spots in the konquest mode where they show you some item to pick up to unlock something but gives you little to no time to figure this out before you get transported into a fight or leaving the area with no way to get back. 5.during konquest the checkpoints are saved often as there's so many times where a single trap can kill you easily, but if someone starts fighting you in a MK proper match, the only way to save the checkpoint is by winning the match, if you exit the fight to the main menu it starts you at the beginning of the level. Highly recommended to play with the classic controller if anyone is going into this bit of MK madness but hard to tell people to play this as the 3d fighting is just so damn frustrating just like the past few MK games on the consoles.

  • While I like some of the game with the look & feel of the game, the fragility of your character is making the game incredibly hard on the easier settings, especially with the blue veined enemies who after upgrading your health to maximum will still cut off your arm with 1-2 hits and kill you with one or two more hits. Combine that with the 2d sequences where you have to memorize it as well as make sure you're not stuck in some kind of combo (or the limited dash run running out putting you into instant death) makes it less fun. Blocking is a nice idea except when it cuts down on the damage done by such a small amount that makes it really not worth it to try it. At least if you have the right mindset, you can keep your upgrades & just grind out the first two levels then upgrade as much as you can.

  • At least it's ambitious & ended better than the first, can't say I'm impressed with the idea of a boss fight that you have the save feature disabled. More here:

  • Liked the game though I found that some of the collectible things were quite maddening to find. With most levels being quite linear, there's some early ones where I combed over the whole place trying to find them only to miss one of the files or the shards & not one of those times where I try for 15 minutes or so trying to get to one collectible only to miss it. Overall lots of the game is quite good in the story as well as seeing more of the world tied with the great music from the film. While I initially played the multiplayer first for an hour getting close to a half dozen levels then going in the single player on easy, the game itself was a bit easier figuring out the controls in the multiplayer as well as just having a bit more health/gear in the single player at the start. Light cycles are neat in the game but are hell in most of the game as the multiplayer has light trails going everywhere so it's hard not hitting something & respawning while in single player, there's so much debris in some of those levels that you tend to hit those to stop (or die) or fall off a cliff to die. Fun game but after getting to level30, as the level progression is quite steady through the game, the idea of playing harder difficulties to get all the achievements (like what Jeff did) is absolute madness to me. Even after finishing the single player & coming back to the hardest difficulty, I was getting wiped out way too quickly to want to keep going.

  • Notoriously not a big fan of sim racing games after about an hour or so but that being known, I really enjoy this game. Partially due to the presentation as well as the female co-driver voice & all the mini=challenges. One big thing I hate so far is the multiplayer where if you go with a jam session often you get in 2 or 3 races in of 5 total meaning that overall you have little or no chance of winning over just doing solitary races.

  • Well while I liked Quake enemy territory, this I just couldn't get into too well. Maybe it's the quake themed tech that I liked on the previous game with the giant vehicles to play with or maybe it's just more fun. Here the character you pick tends to go down rather quick without much effort, many of the upgrades (like shooting grenades) seem pretty useless at the start. After doing the first mission on police side then the objective challenge then rebellion side first mission without a ton of trouble, it all started with the 2nd mission on the police side (single player). I tried it 4 times on the easiest setting, able to get the first two objectives without any major problems then it went downhill, at mach666, while dragging a series of explosions the size of any modern nuclear warhead. 4 times on the 2nd mission with the easiest setting & all the times to get the data key resulted in the enemies all camped around the key & dying so much thanks to them or the turrets that killed me outright or better yet one time found a little resistance near the data key because the entire enemy force save for 1-2 people were all camped at the end point (meaning you either run the key to the end & get smoked or ignore the damn key to just take out most of the enemy at the end so your ai people can run it). Yes got to rank 2 level 7 & just couldn't keep going after this, at least with QW ET I was able to at least do most of the missions while sticking to the main classes they want for the objective, here it's just too much to want to put up with. Maybe better if you know people playing online that will do objectives & help but general online community is somewhat risky to trust to be all that much better than the ai.

  • You know what?... screw this game. Thought that after seeing the quick look that it'd be playable more than the last marvel-themed movie-based game (Iron Man2) and for a while it was. Then despite the control issue with the stupid little currency generators (where you direct left & right sticks in certain spots to get some extra currency), 90% of the time it just exploded for me; I got to the last stage which was going okay initially but then they put a timer on the game where there was some morale going for the defense of Asgard. So guess what? When the timer hits a low point & you have to go to a certain area to fight the frost giants to get the morale back up, if you fail that stage & it restarts you get to start over again with whatever small amount of a timer is left. The one I got with about 10% or less on the morale timer was fighting one of the giants from the first stage which takes 5-10 minutes usually so after a few attempts the game basically got to a point of BAD DESIGN where you have two options, you can either restart from the beginning or an earlier save on the stage beforehand or scream at the disc, put it back in the gamefly envelope, throw it on the sofa, flip it off & mail it back ASAP. I can understand if this last stage is tough if playing on a harder difficulty but I was wanting to just rush through it to see how it was so I was on the easiest setting. So can't recommend this, you want a good movie-based game, try Chronicles of Riddick, Kung Fu Panda or the Lego games, skip this piece of Sega published junk that is Thor the movie-based game.

  • Yes after playing it on the PC (didn't find anyone for co-op at the moment), I got it for the 360 to just run through it again. Such a great game. Will eventually go back & hit up the co-op version to see it on the pc at some point in the future.

  • Nice improvement on the first one though I'm still at a loss on why you give the people who played the first game a refurbished plasma cutter. There just didn't seem any difference in that & the new one you get in the game. Loved the new zero-g & how that worked over pointing to leap from point to point. Seemed to hit a few points in the game where it could have been trimmed by an hour or so as it was dragging in a few spots. While it's good to have a 3 save (or some other challenging) hardcore mode, there's no way I'm going to try it mainly due to free time. Would have been nice on this game that they didn't put in some of the achievements where it'd take 3+ trips through the game to get, that just seems a bit excessive especially when some of those people might be trying to get those achievements while working off 3 saves. Very fun game regardless & quite fascinating to see a space station gone all to hell.

  • Wanted to try it out after the quick look here but after getting it I just had other games that I wanted to play more than this but seems like a good game for some easy points.

  • Surprised about how good this is though after giving it a brief run through all the main story modes I just didn't have the time to go back multiple times to S-rank the thing. Now thanks to a 2 point achievement I'll have to go back to just level the gamerscore out. Fun lego game with plenty of depth to it, definitely worth diving into over a weekend.

  • Just started but definitely not getting much of what I loved in Fear2 with this. Combat is solid but so far fighting the urge to send it back as it's clearly jumping the shark to just be more combat driven with one slow motion button minus all the supernatural crazy stuff. Plus you can play as a ghost that can get shot by bullets...WTF? They should have made the co-op as the pointman & someone from the squads in the past Fear games over the ghost.

  • Was a bit hesitant myself on this one as it seemed to be yet another movie tie in but while it's not an award winning game, it's definitely not that bad compared to other comic themed movie tie-in games (ie. Iron Man, Fantastic Four, ect.). Pretty short too as after a few hours it's quite easy to get most of the achievements out of it plus they did a good thing for the collectibles which shows on the replay mission menu on which ones you have & which are missing (more games need to do this btw). Recommended rental but unexpectedly fun.

  • This is just strange to me, loved the character Seraphine but the rest of the game couldn't quite grab me enough to want to dive into it more. Seems like a decent idea on the story from what I saw but at the time I had other games I wanted to play over this.

  • Threw a bunch of the cars games in gamefly to eventually take on during the gaming droughts for easy points but after getting it I just had other games that I wanted to play more than this but seems like a good game for some easy points. When having to pick between playing this or other games (ie. Skyrim, Saints Row3) I figured to just send it back instead as after diving into it in the afternoon I just didn't have the interest to keep going.

  • Good rental & actually pretty all right for a movie based (and tied to comic books) game. Rather easy to get a bulk of the achievements as there's so many damn collectibles ever & all over the place. From the challenge modes some are fairly short but the last few (after finishing the game) I just ran out of patience on trying to get through especially when there's some of the screaming enemies that are just annoying to fight.

  • Came at a time when there's so many other good games that came out recently but enjoyed the hell out of this with all the improvements over Forza2. Not sure if I'll get back to this before Forza4 arrives but either one is solid & worth the time to dive into.