Gamefly list from the future (2010)

Some finished, some not but figured this would be a good way to remember why I need to go back to or avoid it

List items

  • Enjoyed the look of the game but a game full of going on endless dates with rather lackluster controls left me with wanting to look elsewhere to play something else. Plus instant 5 star rating by walking over to cops on bridge for doing nothing to them seemed rather stupid compared to ye olde construction sign or barracades with a sign showing that there's a wreck on the bridge to close it.

  • Yes it's Sacred but not on a pc, best thing I found is to have a character with a bow & shoot at ppl off screen to make the game go by a little quicker.

  • Sam/Shia was slightly annoying in the movie though he didn't quite hit the level of shutthehellup as he did in the game, I'd imagine that the autobots just turn off their hearing or put in a program to substitute Sam for a dog barking. Surprisingly though the game is in that mid range of games but slightly better than most movie games, the extra unlocks in the game are a nice touch for a flimsy game.

  • Actually in that mid range for a movie based game where the on screen tutorials (like steps in making potions, crests, flying through stars), makes sense with the game world. Don't have the patience for it now but will hopefully come back to it someday. Feels like Kung Fu Panda game where the extra adventuring stuff in the game fills out the story more to make it seem more complete.

  • Decided to go back to this fun game & surprised to see how well it holds up after all these years & how much I remember on how to play without even looking at the controls. Of course the missions I couldn't get past before still were elusive so I might come back to it some day.

  • Without having the manual or looking up how later in the game you can mysteriously regenerate health, the first level just meant lots of time of me dying without seeing any kind of freaking health anywhere, only half dozen times I was healed was restarting at a checkpoint. Yes I just gave up on it, maybe the sequel would have been made better. Plus for a game on the PS3 made years ago it visually looks almost like a slightly better PS2/Xbox game.

  • Played just a small taste of this but liked the overall feel of it though some issues with being constantly sticky to poles especially when the thing I need is right below the pole & trying to jump past the pole not automatically grab it again. Control scheme still feels a little clunky but it's workable & wish the dead drops were longer as they really made the story interesting until i couldn't find anymore of them.

  • How to unsell someone on a game like this, let the people review it & see how short it is, start the whole game as a flashback after the main character dies (who also at this stage of the game isn't as impressive as opening of Darksiders where all your end powers gave a taste of what's coming), before you get the heavenly sword introduce a sniper mission in a field of characters I just don't care about enough to see what happens (apart from main girl dying). Between this, Lair & PS Home I have to wonder sometimes on the people approving final projects for PS3.

  • Liked it until getting to the area with too many enemies & not enough guns. After finishing off #2 in the series I'll go back to it.

  • Not bad for a movie based game but way too repetitive, especially when trying to unlock some bonus things where you have to replay a level again but not get hit so much or under a certain time. Definitely glad I rented it.

  • Yep totally katamari game but the scoring is strange so most of the time in the first run of a stage leaves you with a really disappointing score when you got all you could in the stage. Think this will be the last katamari game for me as there's a mission to collect bears/cows in the stage & a freaking bear statue right next to you meaning when you touch it, you're done with the mission (which sucks, most of that level is just trying to figure out what not to touch & remember as you replay it over & over).

  • At least this is a game from Japan where it keeps a look that doesn't seem too common to other Japanese games while using a lot of folklore/influence from Europe. Unlike other games where they commonly use names/ideas that are fully Japanese yet it has European names making it rather disconnected idea to me. Too bad with this game it has 2 really big problems that I just couldn't get past, one is in many combat areas where you get knocked into the edge of the map with the camera in tow so it doesn't pull out when at a wall so you can see what's going on, leading to just getting hurt more (early on where health isn't everywhere) & even worse are the controls where you have to suddenly raise the controller up to capture something, not using the controller in odd motions in addition to using the buttons early on so this is really freaking annoying to me instead of something else like pressing in L3 or something else. Wish more games did this old Ireland/U.K. look & feel to them as the story was interesting.

    Plus really bad controls on the comic book flipping cutscenes where you have the top button to ffwd, right button to repeat it & bottom to go to the next panel; trying to hit both the ffwd & bottom to get through these cutscenes quickly means many times of the thing getting repeated.

  • While some of the ratchet platforming got to be in the catagory of more of the same after a while. I loved the Clank section a lot more than the rest of the game. BTW Mr. Zurkon is one of the best sidekicks I've seen in a long time.

  • Not sure if it was the static soldier that appeared in the gunship before it went down, the characters I couldn't care about or the troops in the military car that died (when they ran up a slight hill, fell out & died) that made me just not care enough about this silly game to want to keep going after a tank in the village scene. Only good thing about this was scavenging bullets from one gun to another & make the soldiers crazy grenade.

  • Surprised to enjoy the look of the hub worlds & other little improvements to the game yet as I'd rather play this on the 360, forgot that I put it on the gamefly list for the ps3. Still proves that if a game has Lego in the name it's best rented. (update, got it for the 360 & made a few more dents in it but decided not to try to 100% the thing, game still feels rough in how things work compared to other lego games).

  • Woohoo a resistance game I can actually play. Wasn't too bad yet couldn't understand the doves/birds I kept hearing in the game at certain points. One of the biggest errors noticed in the game was how when surrounded by cocoon things which hatch enemies I was annoyed how the NPC wasn't destroying them to secure the perimeter, nitpicky I know but still, 2 hit melee to kill now or waste lots of ammo later. Some of the guns Insomniac did are somewhat interesting but there's many of the enviromental prop/deco stuff that I could have done better than they did (really a shock for me seeing it on not only a sequel from a big studio but on the ps3 too).

  • I feel really really sorry for anyone who bought a ps3 because of this. Normally I don't do good at flying games but with time I can figure it out, this though is a nightmare save for the cinematics (where the budget went to from the looks of it). Suppose there might be some people who can play this but the controls & lack of anything helping out on the visuals to find some of the flying targets make it a mess using a gimmick controller.

  • Just loved the game with all the crazy in it. Cheeky but well designed, too bad though that there didn't seem to be a way (which I found while playing) to not unlock the medieval costume or more interesting costumes (used to the more interesting costume unlocks out of Bloodrayne2 & Bullet Witch). Highly recommended.

  • Liked it though as just about every other capcom game I've played recently, controls or gameplay is rather clunky. Found myself falling off on the vertical cover moments, hitting the wrong button on the ground & flying into a wall. But what really got to me is one level defending a ship from getting hit by multiple beam launching mech things; the guns on your pack might work but you're too exposed (or takes forever as you can't really hover & use those infinite ammo guns), hijack a ufo only to randomly die (guessing it was hitting a wall or getting shot on the ufo, game would just fade to reload without much warning), get in the ufo to get shot up by the 3 mechs, or get on the ground next to one shooting at it to take it out only to run out of ammo. Good for bunch of achievements but buyer beware of possible problems.

  • Got this only to find what I thought was a supreme glitch to a lackluster game was just a broken controller (R1 was stuck so car would use the time rewind feature at any & every moment). While I got a cheapy wired replacement controller for the PS3 I just couldn't get grabbed by this as it was dropped on the gamefly list a while back & totally forgotten. So probably better that I played the first one as this didn't look much different aside from the console.

  • Best lego game I've come across so far as far as dealing with legos via magic plus the way they did the overall game. Well worth playing.

  • Game doesn't look that bad though controls, writing & more is just mediocre to bad. Have to say that this game gets the worst ever melee attack (with a weapon ever), sounds like someone getting slapped with a fish.

  • Yes played out enough to enjoy some of it but really not liking the fact of how the character goes from running to a slow walk rather haphazardly. Maybe it's something in the later patches that wasn't apparent when it came out but the infurating bit of the highway on lust to collect the 3 collectibles, hit the lever at the right time & the character will miss it as he STOPS running or the dodge gets there just in enough time to have it close resulting in falling to death & starting over. I know it's not the controller as I can walk near where Virgil is at in the same area & run around as well as other times. Between the rather unlikable character, if he was after a blood relative it'd be one thing to rescue but you can always remarry some bar wench, & the stupid running controls where some surfaces (I guess) make him no longer run, made me just want to put it back in the gamefly envelope while swearing at it, toss it at the sofa & swear at it some more on the way to the post office to return it.

  • A few interesting ideas in this but the weapons, core element of the game to be fun, really seems toned down to such a degree that even shooting at AI wasn't really effective. Sorry a game like this where a shotgun against someone point blank does little to them has me leaving this one barely touching it. Not a game to recommend unless they are interested in what can be done with Unreal engine.

  • Okay the tutorial/prologue of this is awful. Once you get past this to your powers of demon bullets & stripping health/ammo/items from corpses the game makes more sense. From what I saw after playing the first mission & some of the 2nd (before getting stuck with the teleporting objects & just not enjoying the game enough to keep going after renting it from gamefly). the teleport ability initially is for just getting past a camera to the security console to turn the damn thing off (would be easier if they just let you shoot the camera/laser/whatever).

    The best way to describe this game I feel is 'Gun', if you look at Gun when it came out at the launch of the 360 it showed a some slight improvements over the Xbox games in the past & maybe visually looked a little better but nothing great. Clearly can do better or worse than this game but it falls in that section of just average. My guess is that they let their feet drag on the development of this or it was budget cut & thrown out the door unpolished. Definitely a rental unless you buy it for about a buck.

  • Tips for anyone playing this, once in the open world away from the tutorial bits at the front, just go blow things up & pick up collectibles. Stronghold missions aren't bad but there's just 9 of them & look for the miniguns as they can help out a lot, then deal with faction missions that tend to be short. Skip agency missions as I thought that aside from introducing things not in the normal game (ninjas, claymores, wall mounted turrets), they just didn't seem as fun for me. Got to the mission involving disarming the missiles with low health/ammo, not being able to see what's shooting at me & just had enough. Might get back to it much later but the most fun in the game is just going around blowing things up.

  • What the foxtrot indeed. Considering this game came from the same developers that gave us such junk as the History Channel games, this is a bit of an improvement still it's not much more fun than those. Stopped on the level with the utahsaurs (or whatever they're called, wtf never heard of them before) & the lava after playing for a couple hours. Is it worth playing, not really but if you know what achievements to go after you can definitely get a few hundred for a few hours though I'd not suggest buying the game for that ordeal.

  • Another interesting dip into csi, liked the forensic lab gameplay over the rest of the game esp. when some of the characters look rather unappealing to the eye. At least this time they learned more on making the achievements interesting over the previous game.

  • Fun though after a while it did get a little dull as it got rather easy to outrun the level1 alarms. I found that the best weapon combo was sticking with the silenced smg (great for taking out the speakers all over town) & rocket launcher for the time of just not wanting to climb another rooftop for getting rid of a freaking sniper tower. Recommended as one of the last games from Pandemic & fun, just be sure to buy the maps as they help so much at clearing out areas of stuff & without the maps finding things would be maddening. Also get as much of the perks done early on so you can enjoy the benefits (best bet for the gold perk you can buy would be the vehicle collection, rest of them are rather easy)

  • One of a few to go back & revisit later on, got a little farther than previous playthrough though one stupid stupid time based puzzle (getting a crane working to get on a box with time powers) chased me off from going further. After trying a myriad of combinations to get on that damn box, I was always a moment short of getting to it, clearly not enough of this game was enthralling enough to make me want to keep going. Not a bad game but you can find better ones out there.

  • Agreed with many others on this, love the game story & setting but the combat got a little tiresome after a while. If it was less combat & allowing you to explore the area more to see all the strangeness it'd be a big improvement.

  • Really liked the TMD, a great mix of the gravity gun from HL2 & adding a lot of puzzle/story elements in it too. Thought that the good ending should have just started the game over though in some kind of Groundhog Day event instead of how it ended. Still mixed on the idea of being able to continue after finishing the game to get all 3 endings without playing all the way through (liked seeing all the endings but felt that if that checkpoint wasn't there after finshing that the single player might have more life to making people want to play it again).

  • This reminds me a lot of the 360 game Gun which seemed that it was a inexpensive launch title/port of something on the PS2. Rather easy yet found that the rippling wave attack spammed a lot was just damn annoying. Didn't have the patience of constantly going after the end boss just to S rank the game for the one last achievement on it (upgrading all the sidekicks which I didn't switch after getting the Green Goblin). Tip for anyone looking at getting this game, just rent it as it's quite short run through.

  • Found myself in the same boat as Jeff on this one, liked the intel gathering & some of the lighter missions but the combat heavy ones or the game quitting moment for me (boss fight in Rome) kind of broke my desire to finish it. Hopefully developers will steal the perk system in this game as that was an amazing way to reward the player's playstyle as well as giving a bunch of bonuses without just going past the 4th wall or making all the upgrades stuff you have to pay for. After mailing it back I realized that I could have gone back to the autosave safehouse as I was working off 1 save so maybe later on that idea but not anytime soon, too many good games came out recently that I want to play.

  • I liked the look of the game but I could only get so far with it (as far as being interested in it without getting pissed off at it), found that there's many moments early on where I was trying to get Ezio to jump up off some boxes to a ledge or jumping up a wall only to jump away from it instead despite what I was trying to get him to do with the controls. Worse off were trying to climb down from one window to the next or jumping from one suspended board to another only to fall to a death/near death instead. Might go back to it much much later but right now too pissed at it to do more than throw it in a mailbox.

  • Enjoying the puzzle aspect but some of the combat, linear gameplay & timed puzzles are rather annoying. For some reason I really like the look they went with for the shotgun trap doors (icon popping up on the counterweight). Interesting game & after playing this I'll definitely add the sequel to the gamefly list. Wouldn't recommend buying this as it seems once you're done with it, all that's left is a higher difficulty but with all the death on trial & error makes the game feel longer than it is.

  • Loved this game & Ellis, too bad it took this long to get around to it as the levels & dialogue are just brilliant. Now just torn on getting the 360 or PC version first as I'll get the other later, mixed between wanting to play more of it on the 360 or just crack it open in the Source editor on the PC.

  • As with the previous PC version of this, marine is great atmospherically but a shooting gallery where they tend to not give you a lot in the way of weapons, alien is fun but easy to get vertigo issues while playing or getting stuck in corners, predator still fun though game got dull near end of single player with cloaking synthetics (all the fun of playing the predator is the cat & mouse with the marines, synthetics are just dumb goldfish with guns).

  • Quite fun though still can't get the hang of the glide suit aside from softly plummeting. Forgot how addictive the orb hunting game is in this game. Will definitely rent it later in a drought of good games to hunt orbs.

  • Just plain ouch, I was willing to give this game a chance but shortly after the tutorial & getting swarmed by a few enemies, the combat mechanics went from ok to sucks when you have one person hitting you with an attack to dodge & another to parry. With one of the suckiest dodge moves (gently sidestepping a foot or two) means that I got attacked from all sides & clearly didn't have the patience to put up with more of the game to see the rest. Most of the games on this list are good choices for something to play/rent but this is not one of them.

  • Loved the British announcer & just had too many better games coming out right now to take on. But from the brief taste of this game I enjoyed the challenges of killing specific bears with ironic kills or more entertainingly trying to drive everyone insane (one of my favorite gameplay elements when the game allows it) but not liking some of the more difficult challenge modes like untouchable or killing everyone before zombie bears killed them. Cute game & definitely a good choice for people who enjoyed the Hitman series.

  • I enjoyed this quite a lot for the single player game & found that the Russian campaign to be the better of the two (allied & Russian). Both had some really good moments in the campaign & fell in love with the flamethrower. Wish other games had a flamethrower like that. One thing that really caught my eye in this game was how they did the mission starting cinematics blending in illustration & photos/film footage. That being said this is a great sequel for CoD in WWII but glad that they took the franchise to modern war as the guns in this game were effective but rather limited. Multiplayer affected by this too but glad the nazi zombie mode is in this as it fits quite well so curious to see how it is in Black Ops with better guns.

    Highly recommended for FPS/CoD fans as the single player campaign is short if not going co-op & there's bound to be some moments in the campaign that are enjoyable.

  • So glad that there's less of the extra controller functions compared to World at War, MW, Black Ops. Too many times I found, especially while rowing the boat, that due to the controls the momentum was broken due to having to do some funky sequence with the controls, at least there's more time to throw back grenades but even using 2 buttons to toss them back is bulky when you use the same X button for reloading as grabbing the grenade. Despite the awesome Scottish/British campaigns, had to give up on it as after a while even on the non-veteran settings the Germans seemed to be quite bullet spongy in this one or I'd run across the AI teammates going past some German off to one side shooting at everyone (or the AI putting a whole magazine of bullets point blank into a German who's remarkably resilient). Overall for me this is the lowest one in the series, not a bad game mind you but this made me want to go back into CoD2 than play this more as the settings were more rich in #3 going to the Russian & North African fronts (#2 is pretty much stuck in forests of Europe).

  • Nice idea but the cars are way too floaty/light especially when hit with another car.

  • After playing case zero & enough of the first game I started this then snapped somewhere with me that capcom just passed the line of taking something that's fun (zombies in mall with all kinds of weapons) then limiting it all with the missions. If the game maybe was more like Left 4 Dead2, where it's just surviving to get to different areas it might be better. I'll give it another try later before sending it back but overall I don't think I have the mindset to enjoy this very much.

  • Love how this series ended, still bitter as hell about the 2nd to last skull as that damn jump is vexing after 30-40 minutes of trying it. While not a diehard fan of Halo this definitely doesn't disappoint & well worth going into.

  • Really enjoying the UI highlight display, hope that it carries over if there are more Halo games without MC in the spotlight. Finding the audio logs are highly addictive along with how the story goes along with some well told flashbacks. While I enjoyed this I wish they explained the ODST as having a light shield unit instead of the stamina which would have made more sense in the world as well as the rookie saying something a few times (not as quirky as in Saints Row but there were a few moments where you should have had a few comments). Slightly different from Halo as you do have to play it more tacitically but damn entertaining.

  • The last game of the year from Gamefly & fun yet unbelieveably harsh in the single player campaign. Wound up with a small dent in the achievements for it but this game is a better RTS game as it's easier to manage things but couldn't quite figure out how to get more police/military against the rebels, I was shocked to see the rebels on the first game take out my palace (those uncommie bastards). For an RTS on the 360 though it works out really well using the controller.