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  • Fracture posted a message on the post Voicemail Dumptruck 000.

    Well, Tumwater at Nathan Washington.... Tumwater Washington is a place, Nathan Washington is not. So, rethink this question maybe. Others clowned this as well. Is this a thing I don't recognize as a ...

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  • Fracture posted a message on the post Play For All 2021.

    What game is it they started off with?

  • Fracture posted a message on the post 09/27/19.

    Actually they call it white milk in elementary school when I was a kid because kids that were punished couldn't have chocolate milk and where they had to sit was called the White Milk Table.

  • Fracture posted a message in the forum topic The Community Spotlight 2019.06.15. on the General Discussion board

    Having Drew on there is not right. He's not a current staff member and shouldn't be in the same pic as Abby and Ben.