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Games games, glorious games

There are so many damn games for the 360 that I have yet to play and I sometimes make some bad picks when I am staring at the gamefly queue. I think my overall desire when it comes to this stuff, like everyone, is to pick the good ones. So like most people I look to review sites and other opinions to get a sense for what exactly is good. Well, you can't always rely on others, and sometimes if you do you might miss a gem you would have loved.

Phantasy Star Universe is a game that when I first played it on the PS2 over a year ago I loved the hell out of it. Then as I played it I got a little irritated, then loved it, then irritated, then ditched it entirely. Now I love the online game they have made. It's a psudeo MMO that plays a bit like Guild Wars. However I didn't really like the monthly fee for it. Now with a better setup (I have a 360 now as opposed to a PS2) I find myself wanting to go back to it. The only problem is the games not up to snuff anymore. Hell, Sega didn't even bother to allow the game to use the chat pad and that's kind of stupid. Also now with a Gamefly account and  a gold live account can I really justify a monthly game fee?

So I am left at a crossroads, to play or or not to. Right now I'm itching bad for a MMO but my PC can't play any of them, plus the ones I was interested in I already played to death. On the horizon is the Champions MMO and I really hope that sees the light of day on the 360. You hear how it's coming, but they never really say when or if the only version coming anytime soon is the PC version.

I'll just play in Paradise City till then.