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Super Street Fighter II HDR's Matching service sucks!

So I really love the new Street Fighter that was released last month, however their matching service is pretty crappy. I know it's better than the stuff that was offered in the past but it still needs major work, especially in this era of online games. It usually takes on average 5-8 attempts to get into a match with someone that has a ping under 100.

For those of you not familiar with how the service works, first you select that you want a multiplayer match, then you select ranked, then you wait while it populates a list of several matches you can choose from. Then you select down to get the match you want, and then you either get into the match or your told that the match is no longer available. If the match is no longer available the system takes you back to the menu in which you choose a ranked match or not. So you have to go through the list populating and go downa nd select another then maybe you get in or not. The system is seriously frustrating.

Ther eis a quick match option, but there's no parameters on it. You can't tell the system to give you a quick match with a ping under a certain amount or with a paticular ruleset turned on. If your in a match with a ping over 100 the game starts to become borderline unplayable. The further away from 100 the ping is the worse it is as the game's constantly laggy and rewinding on itself which really throws off the flow of the game.

I really hope Capcom learns from these issues when SF4 comes out next month and gives us a better matching service. Also while the thought of people being able to jump into your game like in the arcade sounds great, I hope there's again some kind of limiter so that it only allows people with a good ping or else that feature could quickly become useless unless it comes with a friends only filter.