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Podcast-wise I strongly recommend the Co-Optional Podcast. They usually run 3 permanent hosts, Totalbiscuit, Jesse cox, and Dodger, plus 1 more guest host (mostly youtubers, Danny O'Dwyer and Xavier Woods have been on the show. And at the launch of Clothmap, Drew was scheduled to appear, but had to cancel last minute).

The podcast is a good mix of the strengths and interests of each host, while alleviating annoyances. All together, this means they cover both level-headed analysis and emotional feelings about a wide variety of games, from anime-weird stuff to story-centric indies to hard core sims, and card games and phone games.

The caveat is they are all PC-centric. For some, like me, this is great, for others (especially xbox people), they might be ignoring a lot of the developments or seemingly too negative (As an example, they had to google live on the show what the E3 mixer give-away was. Upon learning that Rare Replay was given away, only TB said "yeah that's worth it")

The hosts obviously like each other, as seen/heard from their chemistry on and off the show. Plus the guest hosts also bring in new perspectives. Podcast runs live on Twitch and then comes out in audio form (with very good time stamp show notes), about 2 hour-ish.

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AVP and strike team feel like mobile game design, like the timed-chests in Clash Royale.

For the next game, I hope they either get rid of them, or make them manifest in more obvious ways than "100 points every day" (change appearance of your ship or settlement, a couple story missions, more engaging minigames, etc)

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1. Ditch the loot system. The armor/weapons that do drop don't make sense lore-wise (initiative stuff dropping from Andromeda aliens,etc). There isn't enough variety to warrant a loot system, and picking up a ton of salvage isn't fun.

2. Ditch the research/development tier system. ME3 had a system that worked just fine. Here it's too much busy work, with no upgrade path for existing equipment. I can't be bothered to craft the same-looking armor more than a couple times (N7 chest has 10 levels?!?!)

3. Ditch the scanning system. In theory in a new world, with the aid of powerful AI, this makes sense as a lore device. However walking around, turning 360 to not miss anything red isn't fun. It also highlights how empty key story mission areas are--in the middle of kett or remnant bases, you'd think there would be more to understand.

4. Ditch the 4/6 wheel switch. I can understand moving uphill being slower, but going back and forth adds very little. At least have researchable upgrades to eliminate the annoyance.

5. Ditch on land mine scanning. As if scanning a globe wasn't annoying enough, now it's even more of a chore with less gain.

The above points definitely feel like Bioware looked at survival games popular the past few years and went in that direction, poorly.

6. Add back more control on squad members. This includes when abilities are used, new armor sets after loyalty mission, and some control of weapon selection.

7. Add back renegade options, or at least something that is more distinct. The renegade options weren't perfect, but one could at least play Shepard as an asshole with little patience. Now Ryder is either joking or serious, that's about it.

8. Less SAM and less space magic, because we sure loved those parts of ME3 (flashbacks to all the synthesis ending discussions...)!

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Jeff and Brad are on point when they made fun of how often "pathfinder" is called.

Everybody on the nexus somehow already knows you are the "pathfinder" the first time you arrive, even though you weren't who they would be expecting, and you are not wearing any designation to stand out.

And then with Tann, you insist on being called the "pathfinder". I can understand that being a cocky option, but most people probably wouldn't talk that way?

When Addison asks what happened, what kind of moron doesn't know she's asking about your father? Instead Ryder asks in a very casual tone/facial expression "who?"

Definitely liked the first two hours (before I hit nexus) much more than the nexus part. Hope things will pick up later. Apparently the general agreement is more interesting stuff do happen, but usually after 20-30 hours, so I plan to skip most side quests.

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Before ME3, I read every book, even ordered the art book, and pre-ordered the $80 edition. After getting through ME3 once, I didn't even play any of the DLC

Still shakes my head whenever I hear people saying synthesis is the best ending, but that might be my biologist bias.

I will always maintain though the initial endings, which lacked any "investigate" options before choosing and were largely color swaps, were really disappointing for how little effort they put in. The patch fixed things up a bit, which is good for anyone that picked up the game later. But my memories of the game is really tainted by those RGB endings.

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Put 2.5 hours in last night (PC)

Thought "oh that looks really weird" on a few animations/faces.

Also got the "tampering detected" boot once (I was playing as the game downloaded in the background, so might just be my particular case), reloading was long but worked fine afterwards.

Everything was good until Cora T-posed in one cutscene conversation, and remained so afterwards. Sure bugs happen all the time, but that particular one did have me put down my controller and go to bed.

Also greatly annoyed how much of a hassle it is to change graphical settings, and window mode setting is weird as well.

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Baseline for a big budget middle-of-the-road game is probably around 80. MEA's combat and multiplayer look decent though unspectacular. Gorgeous environments make up for subpar human animations. Barring too many game-breaking bugs, it will come down to the story (very important for an RPG). Will it have enough spark to elevate it into the 85+ range? Too early to judge now, but... not very confident after the crew's quick look. Personal guess 79.

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The couple "troubled" exclusives have been rather ambitious/poorly thought out (depending on how you view it):

Scalebound was going to be an RPG from Platinum. I believe there was an IGN interview where the head said he always wanted to make an RPG, which means little prior experience. On top of that they (Platinum? more likely Microsoft? no idea) decided to tout 4-player co-op boss battles in some form as a major selling point.

The Phantom Dust remake was apparently jumping on the card game bandwagon, but with real time rendering of action (from the Kotaku post-humous article). Developer Darkside Games did not have a full game under their name.

Quantum Break probably was completely retooled as they struggled with how the game would integrate TV aspects (even the final product had a lot of complaints from gamers that didn't want to watch hours of TV).

Fable Legends was announced when the idea of asynchronous multiplayer was at its peak. Note I said "idea", because in reality few games have really stuck around. Since then, Evolve failed, Rainbow 6 Siege took a while to gain a rather small footing.

Crackdown 3, which according to Phil recently is looking great, was going to implement "the power of the cloud!!!tm".

Recore seemed like a slam dunk at the time, in concept and talent, but that was before Comcept turned into a burning trash can. I also suspect the Recore backlash might have deterred Microsoft from just putting what is done of Scalebound out to die.

Gigantic's development took so long that the MOBA heatwave AND the hero shooter heatwave came and went... Can't say I'm too optimistic about that one.

Even Sea of Thieves is really ambitious. Fingers crossed they pull it off.

New ideas are of course welcome, but much riskier to invest in as well. In many cases the developer also didn't have a track record of making the genre of game in question. (Things can certainly work out as well, such as Double Helix making a new free2play Killer Instinct) Microsoft is certainly at fault for a lot of the decisions, especially if the rumors of their requests to make abrupt direction changes are true.

I do wonder if they should just made a few safer "X" but in "Y" games. My examples would be Warhammer 40k space marines (gears with a slapped-on hot IP), and the Saboteur (open-world in WW2). Those 2 games are really not innovative (perhaps I'm giving them too little credit?), but I would be happy if Xbox has exclusives on that level. Even Naughty Dog is on a rotation of Uncharted and Last of Us. And the new God of War trailer was well-received by fans for its tone change. Horizon Zero Dawn is at its most fundamental an open world 3rd person action game, but the theme has been very intriguing. These are definitely overly simplified view of the games, and my point is not to belittle Sony's titles. Given how deeply entrenched Halo or Gears is in their respective fans' minds, 343 and Coalition might be better off making a new IP in a different setting, with freedom to try a couple new ideas (but not too back-to-the-drawingboard-ly new) without angering fans of Halo or Gears. Microsoft also had the unique problem of keep the Halo and Gears IP, but losing the original developers, hence their first couple games have been very standard entries in those series, almost as "training wheels". Hopefully Microsoft will let them (and us fans) take a couple years off from Halo, Gears and Forza.