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Only 1 hour in, so very very early impressions

+ : combat, music, path action has potential, art style is still very breathtaking

- : quite a bit of non-interactable NPCs, some of the dialogue from NPCs that do talk are too generic/dumb, and doesn't update with story events so far.

-- : man the game is blurry (hand held mode, corner shadow off doesn't really help)

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finished Shadow Complex Remastered (thanks, game pass!), ~7 hours

I can see why it's beloved, especially at the time to fill the metroidvania void. Graphics don't feel current gen, shooting is wonky, combat has some frustrations. But even now metroidvania rarely tackles the modern/scifi setting, and the formula works fairly well, I actually liked some of the backtracking setpieces (for instance, final boss).

8/10. It's a shame (to me who has little interest in mobile games) that Chair pivoted and focused on infinity blade instead). But maybe the warm reception of this prompted Microsoft to take a chance on Ori?

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Yoku's Island Express is very charming, the pinball areas are great fun, and the environment diversity is pretty good too. It ends just about on time, I didn't feel like I needed any more or less of pinball-metroidvania.

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Just picked it up on Xbox sale. And then immediately finished it in 2 days :D (~7 hours). I think it's a unique genre-mixture that mostly works, although I was way more excited for the actual pinball setpieces than the light metroidvania exploration/backtracking. A decent amount of hidden stuff and collectibles for those who want more.

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Into the Breach. It's going to be really hard for anything to top it for the rest of the year. Turn based strategy is my favorite genre, and IttB is the most innovative one I've seen in years. I love how the mechanics and overarching time-travel story fit together. The different mechs feel so different, and keeps me engaged with "just one more run". The UI is clean and intuitive, and the mechanics somehow makes turn based combat feel more "mech"-like than most action games.

Runner-ups (in order):

Yakuza Kiwami 2. I imported this, and loved it. My personal ranking is 0 > K2 >> 6 >>>>>> K1. The added Majima chapter is kind of uneven, wobbling between mindlessly boring, to quite a few "cool guy" moments. I'd highly recommend people with investment in 0's story to finish K2 as well (for the most part, 0, K1, K2 wraps up a trilogy). Also, best strong female main character in the series.

Monster Hunter World

Yoku's Island Express

Sea of Thieves

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Does she like soccer? Football Manager is great (also ootp for baseball)

Game Dev Tycoon is pretty fun for a while, although it's a bit too random and trying to keep playing after end game is very difficult

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Shutter Island, 3/5

The odds of me liking the film wasn't high to start with. Already kind of knew the twist, never loved Leo or scorsese. All in all I thought the movie had some interesting ideas, but dragged on way too much in too many spots for "atmosphere".

Weirdly it also makes me respect Inception less...

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@chuck_: *raises hand uh, I just watched the Persona Dancing game trailer on GB...

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1. Jurassic Park

I love nothing more than dinosaurs. I also prefer serious scifi and tension to the ever more ridiculous sequels.

2. Empire Strikes Back

Excellent world building, character building, and the most iconic twist of all time.

3. Big Fish

I find myself borrowing from this funny and sweet story, telling similarly exaggerated tales for amusement.

4. Ghostbusters

As with some other entries here, sequels that fall short of the bar really highlight the greatness of this first entry. It's a bizarre concept, buoyed by comedians at the peak of their powers.

5. Kingdom of Heaven (extended cut)

I'm a sucker for historical epics, most of which aren't really that great. The concepts in the movie lift it up above the admittedly plain acting from some main characters.

6. Inside Out

The movie has something for everyone, from childish flourishes to deeper nods towards psychology. Also, "it's ok to be sad sometimes" is a lesson for audience of all ages.

7. Toy Story 3

It hit pretty hard, as I was just aging out of the toys zone at the time.

8. Space Jam

MJ and Bugs. I still unironically love the soundtrack as well. I also love it fits into the "lore" of why MJ came back.

9. 12 Angry Men

Got to this old movie only recently. Confined to one room, basically relying on nothing but writing and acting.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love rhyming. Love the looks. Also enjoyed it's a dig at Christmas prep extending way too far ahead in the calendar.

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Going by twitter, at least the final few days he got some much needed pain relief. RIP TB :(